Rear Suspension

Maxfoot exclusive design -The second generation of full suspension system! Six-bar linkage rear suspension, horizontal and vertical suspension movement, making Maxfoot a true soft-tail electric bicycle.


Maxfoot MF-19 series of electric bicycles are all made by manufacturers who are famous for their quality. The MF-19 500 uses XOFO's high quality motors. The motors used in the MF-19 750 and MF-19 1000 series are from the internationally renowned motor brand - BAFANG Motor.

AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

3 folds in 10 seconds - pack your bike away for road trips or storage. Your choice!


 Shock Absorbent & Weatherproof. Level up your daily adventures without giving up comfort. Enjoy a smooth ride with MaxFoot’s verticle fork shock absorber.

The cool thing which I didn't expect is it's probably one or two people of every five stopped me and said what a cool bike it was.
The design looks really cool and got the whole arc to the back.
It's everything solid in the bike. So to damage this bike would be almost impossible.
Cool thing with this bike is it fits for all sorts of ages.
It's great for all terrains whether you're in the mud, on the beach, on the pavement or on the sand it'll work in every single condition.

Murray Sawchuck

I do want to point out that it's the reach here is a little bit longer. So this bike is kind of feels full-sized if you're someone who's a larger person. And it has this telescoping stem so you can raise the handlebars.
There's plenty of room here to put a suspension seatpost and then use a shim if you can't find one. That's pretty pretty wide and I think they did that to make it like stronger, extra sturdy. They've got bosses here for adding a rear rack I definitely appreciate that.

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