Azure Blue

The Brand New Color of MF-19 in 2022 is now available for preorder. The color of Azure Blue combined with the perfect line design of MF-19 make you and your MF-19 the most eye-catching presence on the road. Preorder Now, Ride it in June.

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New Color Release

Compared with the previous dark gray and dark green, Neptune blue adds a little more vitality to the overall stable look and feel of the MF-30. When you are riding on the road, this color can help you to be more attractive to passersby.

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Maxfoot MF-30 E-Trike Profession Reviews

The MF-30 electric cargo trike is a powerful electric trike that is the most affordable one with the same configuration on the market. With a 750W high-torque motor and 50-65+ miles range of battery, you can feel the stability of 3 wheels and change your life.

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Maxfoot MF-19 Folding E-Bike Profession Reviews

The powerful six-bar linkage rear suspension is a unique technology of Maxfoot. With the use of the six-bar linkage rear suspension and the front fork suspension, you will feel extremely comfortable when riding. It's a true soft-tail electric bicycle.

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