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MAXFOOT was born from passion. Founded in March 2019, we first introduced ourselves and our MF-19 folding electric bike with a successful campaign on Indiegogo. Our team is full of creativity. We are passionate about cycling and outdoor sports. We have riding experience with various electric bicycle brands and models. However, we always felt that people did not enjoy the ultimate pleasure of possessing an e-bike, especially the price and quality are imbalance. Thus, we established MAXFOOT team! We want to bring the fun of riding to more people. Our goal now is to bring everyone the bike with the best quality, highest performance, and innovative design at the lowest possible price.

After the successful launch of our first design, the folding electric bike MF-19, we have gained a group of loyal riders who are proud to be a part of the MAXFOOT movement. Backed with the enthusiasm and support of our riders, we plan on expanding our selection with two more designs: MF-17 and MF-18.

As a dynamic and innovative team, we will never stop there. More models are already under development. We will continue moving forward to bring more enjoyment and fun riding to people. If you have the same goal as us, you are welcome to join us and become one of our dealers! Let's make the world of electric bikes better!

If you’re interested, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!

You can also contact us with dealer@maxfoot.bike

Looking forward to your joining!

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