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Hello and welcome to MAXFOOT!

We are a passionate team of cycling and outdoor sports enthusiasts who founded our company in March 2019. We started by introducing our MF19 folding electric bike with a successful campaign on Indiegogo. Our team is full of creativity, and we have extensive riding experience with various electric bike brands and models.

However, we realized that people weren't fully enjoying the experience of owning an e-bike due to high prices and low quality. We wanted to change that, so we established MAXFOOT with the goal of bringing the fun of riding to more people by offering bikes with the best quality, highest performance, and innovative design at a lower price point. Our aim is to make electric bikes accessible to everyone.

Since the successful launch of our first design, the folding electric bike MF-19, we have gained a group of loyal riders who are proud to be part of the MAXFOOT community.

With the support of our riders, we plan to expand our selection with two more designs, the MF-17 and MF-18, and we have even more models under development. We are a dynamic and innovative team who will never stop working to bring more enjoyment and fun to riding.

If you share our goal of making the world of electric bikes better, we invite you to join us and become one of our dealers. We welcome you to drop us a line or contact us at dealer@maxfoot.bike with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to bring the joy of riding to more people. Thank you for your interest in MAXFOOT!


Looking forward to your joining!

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