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I enjoy this trike, not happy with the brakes, they make a loud squeak when used. Overall its what I expected. A bit of a learning curve from a two wheel bike. Fun trike

Seat issue

I love my MF-30 with one exception. I am 6ft 1 and the seat will not adjust far enough away from the front of the bike to allow comfortable use of the pedals making me put pressure on the back rest . The plate that the rest is welded to is so flimsy it bends making the seat uncomfortable. Is a offset post available or a better seat so I don't have to rebend the after each ride? I'm afraid that after repeated bending the seat will fail. Other than that I'm impressed with the quality! Thanks for any suggestions.

Nice bike

Haven’t rode it much yet but I like the fit and finish of the bike. Love the color and paint is flawless! Nothing broken in shipping. Thanks

master Christopher Hall

I give away for exercise and you get around town

13 Month Review

MF-30; Green. After 13 months: 704 miles; predominately bike trail and street. The center tread of all three tires is not quite half-worn with another 400 to 500 miles estimated available. (I weigh 230 lbs and usually carry between 20 and 30 lbs of safety and comfort equipment.)
The disc brakes are approximately half-worn and there is little to no apparent wear or stretching on the chain and the cables.
I did not order the rear fenders and wish I had, but I did order the rear view mirrors and they are very useful.
I have found no flaws, wear, or damage in the welds and any of the frame itself.
I have a trailer that I use to ferry the dog or my electric bass equipment around and the hitch attaches to the back, lower frame with no problems.
I received this as a father's day gift and it has been the best. The construction is excellent and I never worry about break-downs. It gets me where I need to go and I enjoy every ride.

Red trike

Its been awesome! My favorite part is the throttle on the right handle bar, i definitely use it when I'm starting off from being stopped. I've also learned to lean into the my turns

[750W] Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike

Bike mirrors

Very happy with them. They are very helpful when I ride my bike especially when on streets and when turning

Price Difference
Patricia Brommel
6 Wheels Rolling

We love our two 30’s! Left Iowa last fall and rode them all winter in South Padre. A lot of heads turned and many questions asked.

[500W] Maxfoot MF-19 500F

[500W] Maxfoot MF-19 500F

Very Nice E-Trike

Adding a way to lock the rear storage compartment (bag) and a simple lock for the hand brakes when parked would be a welcome improvement. Other than that, this Bike i have found to be very high quality, Comfortable to ride, great features, like head and tail lights, easy to use and see dash information unit. Fun to ride for someone like me who is over 50.

Pretty awesome

Like the color. I haven't use that much yet. I believe I'll enjoy the ride. Plan on using it for hunting situations. Baskets are a plus.

Having Fun on this MF-30 !

I have had this trike for 14 days and it has been fun so far ……..!

Max foot

What a great ride. Easy to put together. Really looks geart.

Well worth a purchase.

Sturdy well built trike. Good fit & finish
Smooth solid power. Holds charge well. Its a joy to ride.

I am the veteran that someone traded a guitar for. I really like this trike. It is definitely a solid bike. So glad you used the 4 inch tires as they help smooth the ride. I do have something I wish you would have included is a parking break and turn signals. I use this trike to get around the town I live in. We have alot of not flat ground. So about half the time I am using the breaks to slow down. I thought it would be nice if it was charging the battery when the breakers are used or you are just coasting. Maybe an improvement for your future builds. You make a great product and I am very grateful to have this trike. Its made me more mobile than I have been in years.


So far no complaints at all. Seems very well made.

Maxfoot electric bike

It was a gift for someone but they lovevit

Nice Trike

We really like the trike. There are a couple things that could be improved, such as…the saddle is not very comfortable for a trike that many elderly people buy, There is no “parking break” which seems strange for a an e-trike. However, the 4 rating is because the trike is very easy to ride and has plenty of power, The breaks work well however, they seem to take too long to slow to a stop. I like that I can limit the top speed for safety. I would recommend the trike to anyone.

Love this bike!

I got this bike in hopes to be able to exercise since I have no cartilage left in my knees. I figured I could pedal until my knees started to bother me and then use the electric to get me back. This has been working wonderful! I’ve been able to go 8-10 miles a ride and I’m losing weight to boot!
So glad I got this bike. It rides comfortably and doesn’t jar me when I ride over bumps on our dirt road. My husband bought a less expensive bike and he’s sorry he didn’t get a Maxfoot bike as well. He can really see the lack of quality in his.

I love my Maxfoot

I bought it in November and playing with it ever since the snow when away best thing I’ve ever bought. I get a lot of compliments on this bike or should I say trike my husband has an E bike that he built we call it Frankenstein. We write it as much as we possibly can hills. No problem it’s just fun everybody should have one. I like I said I get a lot of compliments on it because it’s awesome.?

Great bike

My wife is really enjoying her new cruiser.

[750W] Maxfoot MF-30 Electric Trike
Love My Trike

I’m an amputee and just getting started but so I’m getting out and some exercise, the motor helps keep me going !

Great bike loads of fun

I am highly impressed with the quality and comfort of this bike, and every one compliments the pretty color. I have put quite a few miles on it, on all kinds of terrain and it does well on all, i woukd definitely recommend it to anyone for any purpose.

Happy with the trike, but there are some things that could be better.

I have about 100 miles on it and it is enjoyable. That being said, it wants to run to the curb and feels tippy. Our roads here in Washington slope to the curb for rain run off, so it took some practice to get a handle on the feel. On the level it's awesome. Received my fenders today, and with my arthritic hands it took me an hour and a half to put them on. There are some sounds when shifting, no doubt the derailer might need some attention and the brakes are doing some screeching and even a howl in the front brake, at least I think it's the front brake. I need to take it in and have the looked at, hoping its just an adjustments needed. Real sharp looking bike. I get a lot of positive remarks while ridding. Would like to know if you help with the costs ??? Overall, I would give it five stars.