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I bought this bike to mount on the back of my camper. I think this is a great addition to my traveling. Do they make a cover for this bike?

Nice bike

This is a very nice bike, could have a better quality seat on it. The seat that's on it is not very comfortable should be bigger

Positive E-Trike Review

The MF-33 Rickshaw style Etike: Received in great condition and packaging. It came mostly assembled and the remaining portion was easy. It is a lot of fun. My wife and I comfortably ride around the neighborhood. The service has been helpful and responsive. I would recommend MaxFoot too anyone

Very sturdy good tricycle!

I recently purchased a tricycle for my parents, and I couldn’t be happier with the product. The assembly was straightforward, and the quality of materials is impressive. My parents, who are in their golden years, have found it incredibly easy to use and comfortable to ride. The stability of the tricycle is outstanding, providing them with confidence and safety during their rides.

The design is not only functional but also stylish, with a sleek appearance that stands out on the road. The storage basket at the back is a convenient addition, allowing them to carry essentials during their outings.

Overall, this tricycle has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and comfort. It has become a valuable part of my parents’ daily routine, providing them with independence and enjoyment. I highly recommend this tricycle to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly option for their loved ones.

MF-33 Landau Rear Drive Electric Trike

As a new electric trike/ bike owner, all I can say is that we love it! With a little help from my wife we got it out of the box and did the little bit of assembly. Nothing was hard to figure out but I did find a YouTube video (for the MF30) that did help.
A powerful fat tire electric trike that feels suited for the city but can also tackle some moderate trails thanks to the suspension fork, extra large tires and sturdy build. I feel safe on it and more importantly, my wife does, which is great!
Quick email response from Maxfoot for questions and they stay connected throughout the process.
The ride is fun and feels safe. Remember it is not a bike but a trike so no blowing around corners.
Highly recommended!

MF-33 Landau review

I am liking the trike. I am 63 and use it to ride down to dock for fishing. Have added fishing rod holder on trike. Also my granddaughter loves it as well. Looking forward to have this with traveling and making it easier to visit places

But love the trike. Plenty of power no problem on hills with people riding on passenger seat.

Inner Tube

This product is cool doesen't pop

Bought a bike for my wife as a Christmas gift. She insisted on getting it from you guys because her sister already has one. It showed up a few days ahead of schedule, and everything was right there in the box.

The bike's been awesome, no doubt! Absolutely loving its style, and man, it glides so smooth when you're riding! I'm pushing 50, and I've been itching for a cruiser bike for ages!

Grabbed two bikes in November, and putting them together was very easy! My wife's bike had a little mishap during transport, but the customer service was excellent—they swiftly sent us a replacement part. We average riding a couple of times each week, covering around 15 miles per ride. These bikes are seriously comfy!

My Trike

I love it. A neighbor showed me his and I ordered one the following day. I especially like the back support on the seat.

Awesome bike

I have never written a product review before. But for this bike I have to. Iinjured my back a year ago and had surgery. I was not able to walk. I got the bike to use off road. I needed something that would not fall over. I figured the trike would be the ticket. When I first got the bike I was impressed by the sturdy build and the power. On flat ground it was awesome. However, when I took it off road it was very unstable. I was so disappointed. But I realized it was the handlebars. It comes with a traditional tricycle handle bar. They just give you very good control over the front wheel. So I put a mountain bike handle bar on it which makes all the difference. To replace the handle bars cost about 12 dollars. Now it is an off road monster. It takes a little time to learn how to use the throttle with the pedal assist. But what a bike. I use it for hunting. I can Cary my tree stand on the back of it and put a gun rack on the rear basket to Cary my bow. I have driven it in sand and mud It does great. Once you engage all three tires , it will go. It has an over size front tire that really grips. It also has different pedal assist settings that makes it easier to ride up hills. I am so pleased with the construction and the power. It has a 750 w bafang hub on the front I was not sure about the power. But it is not a problem. You have plenty of power. At times it can be a little too much. So be careful. Over all the bike is extremely well made. It has plenty of power and once I changed the handle bars it handles very well. I love it and highly recommend it. It’s all I hoped it would be. Just needs mountain bike handlebars if you want to use it off road. Maybe they will start offering it as an option. If not they are super easy to change out. Oh and the motor is so quiet. I slip through like a ninja. I can’t wait to ride again. It well worth the money. As a mater of fact it is way under priced compared to other bikes specifically designed for hunting. The battery life is also excellent. I have only charged it twice .

I’m loving my maxfoot bike

Love the color

Love it

Well made easy assembly

best ever!!!

Love this MF-30 etrike, very friendly for me

I’ve enjoyed and had a blast on my trike I’m very happy with how smooth and how comfortable it is to ride and it’s range and it’s power is above my expectations

Ok for what it is

Rims are nice the breaks could be better.


We got two! These are so much fun!


Great concept especially for those out of shape or a little older. It's fun, you get some exercise and meet new friends because everyone wants to ask you about it where I live. As for the bike itself, well constructed, common parts to many ebikes out there (REI can service it) and it's extremely comfortable (especially MF19)to ride! On top of that the 1000w motor acceleration is phenomenal! It's just a great all round bike that is easily transported. I might even be buying another one for the family to share! Thanks Maxfoot!

Don’t give me wrong I like the bike a lot it’s a lot of fun and it’s very comfortable. I’m not very impressed with the life of the battery though. I only got about 15 1/2 miles on the first battery charge and somebody tell me why this is.

as usual we buy online not knowing what we will receive , this bike was everything that I wanted plus more. Easy to put together and a very well built bike GREAT JOB


I enjoy this trike, not happy with the brakes, they make a loud squeak when used. Overall its what I expected. A bit of a learning curve from a two wheel bike. Fun trike

Seat issue

I love my MF-30 with one exception. I am 6ft 1 and the seat will not adjust far enough away from the front of the bike to allow comfortable use of the pedals making me put pressure on the back rest . The plate that the rest is welded to is so flimsy it bends making the seat uncomfortable. Is a offset post available or a better seat so I don't have to rebend the after each ride? I'm afraid that after repeated bending the seat will fail. Other than that I'm impressed with the quality! Thanks for any suggestions.