MaxZ Series

Craftsmanship Achieves Beauty

Safety × Beauty
We have always wanted to create a model that has sufficient performance but also combines beauty and safety. The undulation of the lines on the frame is a nice point. Our design team took the mountains and rivers of various places as references and spent half a year designing the main frame of the MaxZ series. Although the design effect is beyond imagination, conventional production methods seem unable to perfectly realize the design, some of the beauty and safety need to be sacrificed, which is definitely not what we want. So we decided to use a more advanced one-piece molding process at a higher cost to achieve the most perfect safety and beauty of the design.
48V 20Ah

With UL Certification


Maxfoot High Power Motor
1400W Peak Power


Motor Torque

300 Lbs


The embodiment of high-end craftsmanship

One-Piece Molding Frame

· The unconventional undulating and extending ridges show beauty and strength.

· The main body of the vehicle tube is formed in one piece and requires no welding.

Did Not Compromise on the Cost

We refuse to undermine our original design intent with insufficient technology.

While others will compromise due to cost and profit, even if it ruins the overall beauty and safety of the frame.

But Maxfoot can't and won't ever do that.

  • MaxZ 20" Cruiser E-bike

  • MaxZ 24" Cruiser E-bike

  • MaxZ 20" Step-Thru E-trike

  • MaxZ 24" Step-Thru E-trike

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