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Meet The Team

Founded & Designed by Experienced Bike Rider

Charles and Gordon started off as average bike riders. After the release of electric bikes all over the world, they decided to invest in what they believed to be the next generation of commuting. After riding electric bikes for a couple of years and switching between a couple of different brands, they wanted the whole world to enjoy what they were - the stunning adventures of riding with an e-bike.


Born and raised in California.

4188-B Arden Drive
El Monte, California,
United States, 91731


In March 2019, they decided to create a company that can bring e-bikes to anyone without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. MaxFoot electric bicycle was born.


Both in their early 20s at the time, Charles and Gordon obtained bank loans, leased a small workspace in Southern California, and spent a majority of their loans in aluminum alloy frames and the best motors on the market. Working with top-gun engineers, they began constructing, designing the most advanced yet sleek e-bikes the world have yet to see.


They went through countless design drafts and spent hours communicating back-and-forth with manufacturers and engineers. They tested the prototypes around the streets of Riverside and rode hours to ensure all aspects were safe and perfect.


Their main mission when they set up MaxFoot was to spark passion in others about the exceptional yet inaccessible automotive technologies. Now, their mission has become their purpose of life which is to bring the best yet affordable e-bike to everyone in the world.