Maxfoot Waterproof Hard-Shell Storage Bag
Maxfoot Multi-Purpose Hanging Bicycle Bag Maxfoot's first bicycle bag, suitable for all Maxfoot models. The installation position is flexible, and it can be mounted in various convenient positions. The outer hard shell effectively blocks the impact of external forces, and...
Maxfoot multifunctional mobile phone holder for bicycle
Easy Opening The open buttons is located on both sides of the holder, press the open button on both sides at the same time to open the phone holder simply and quickly Adjustable headlights >90° The angle of the headlight...
$35.99 $28.99
Smart Color Display
$299.00 from $129.00
Smart Color Display
Please read before order:For the two order options:Color Display: Buy a Smart Color Display extraUpgrade: Will change the LED display into smart color display before shipping the bike out. (No LED display to customers)Full-Color LCD Display for easier viewing. Monitored...
$299.00 from $129.00
Handlebar Rearview Mirror
Convex Lens The convex mirror can provide the rider with a wider rear view during riding, so that the rider can learn more about the road conditions behind and respond to various situations in time Multi-Point Angle Adjustment The angles...
$32.00 $27.99
Sold Out
MF-30 Trike Rear Fenders
Package: 2 x Rear Fenders
$99.00 $89.00
Rearview Bicycle Mirrors
Package Include: 1 Pair x Mirror
$50.99 $25.99
Fat Tire Bicycle Cargo
$429.00 $359.00
Fat Tire Bicycle Cargo
Multi-Utility Trailer -- Strong and durable. Allows your bike to load more. Easy Setup -- Quick-attach system attaches in seconds to the rear post. With screws on the rear axle. A unique folding-frame design and quick-release wheels pack up, can...
$429.00 $359.00
Cargo rack for easy carrying. Lights activated by the brake lever. Pre-order, expected to ship around 60 business days after payment. Easy to install, shipping conveniently Gloss black finish, simple and generous Durable, 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame for ultimate reliability and load capacityCompatible...
$89.00 $59.00
Sold Out
Battery For MF-19
You can keep an extra battery with you for adventures with Maxfoot. 1. Extremely powerful 14AH 48v lithium-ion battery.Increases range to 40 miles(electric only) and 60 miles for level 1 pedal assist. 2. Long Life: the battery has strong cycle and...
Sold Out
All Terrain Tire For MF-19 Series
Pre-sale, estimate delivery within 50 business days after payment. Spare tire. 4.0” fat tires (20” wheels) with wider rims for ultimate comfort. Improved control and handling of the bike.  Can take on any road condition, bringing you the full weatherproof...
$60.00 $30.00
Sold Out
Integrated Head/Brake Light
Pre-sale, estimate delivery within 50 business days after payment. Integrated Head / Brake Light - The light runs through the bike's power system. This way you'll be able to turn it on/off through your MAXFOOT LCD screen for maximum visibility...
$139.00 $69.00
Price Difference
Price Difference
Rear Rack For MF-17 / MF-18
Rear Rack For MF-17 / MF-18 Installation Tutorial
5 Inch LCD Display
Can monitored the battery usage, make it recharged fully in time before go outside. With night mode LCD ensured visibility at night and shows mileage and speed; LCD display with USB charging port for your Phone and other devices.
Sold Out
Hydraulic Disc Brake Upgrade For MF-19 Series
*Hydraulic Disc Brake Upgrade Pre-order, expected to ship around 90 business days after payment. We recommend that the bike be purchased with the hydraulic Disc Brake. Because it's hard for you to install it by yourself.But we will install the hydraulic...
from $159.00
Inner Tube
Inner tube for Maxfoot E-bike (2 / package) 20"*4.0 fit for MF-19 Series 26"*4.0 fit for MF-17 / MF-18 Series
Battery of MF-17/MF-18/MF-30
16Ah -- MF-30 Electric Trike 13Ah -- MF-17 / MF-18 Series Data: 48V
from $550.00
Sold Out
Waterproof Dry Bag for MF-30 Trike
Waterproof Dry Bag for MF-30 Trike
48V 2.5A Charger for MF-19 Ebike
48V 2.5A Charger for MF-19 Ebike
$69.99 $59.99
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