[750W] MF-18 P Electric Cruiser Bike

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I can’t get the electrical systems to come on. Need help😩

Michael O'Neal
Nice Ride!

I received my bike with a damaged hub due to shipping. I sent a video of the damage to MaxFoot support and they were quick to acknowledge the problem and arrange for a replacement. They wanted me to mail the old rim before replacement but I explained they should send replacement first so I could be on the road sooner and return old rim in the box the new rim was sent. If they hadn't agreed and gone by their "policy" this could have turned frustrating quickly. I had to change out break disc and tire from old rim for the new rim which was not easy being it is a 4" tire. But got through it and was able to return damaged rim with ease. The process took about a week.

This bike is monster heavy but once past the initial orientation, a joy to ride. It has lot if squeaks so may take some time to tweak and properly lube but otherwise a great bike and seemingly good value. Only time will tell how well the bike holds up. Hopefully MaxFoot will begin to maintain an online inventory for replacement parts because being such a heavy bike will probably require proper maintenance and occasional replacement of components. But I do see The MF-18 as a really nice and attractive bike worthy of consideration.

Eugenia DeLong
So far so good.

My husband and I each got a Maxfoot bike, MF-17 for me and the MF-18 for him. Took it on our first ride this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed them. Looking forward to many more rides this summer. So far on the first charge we have gone 15 miles and it has only gone down 1 bar out of 5.

Robert Wendler
Good so far

Just received the bikes. Was easy to put together and is a blast to ride. Was hoping a fat tire would be a little thicker but learned they puncture as easy as any tire. As mentioned by others the seat is 36 inches off the ground so if you have trouble swinging your leg over a yard stick maybe think about the step thru model.

joel terry
trouble with support.

the california number i called gave me a email address in china for the support team.it takes a day or 2 to get a reply.1400 bucks and they cant send me a replacement brakelight that costs what? 5 or ten bucks? i sent them videos. i tried their suggested fixes.But NOOOO! send us the light and we will test it and send it or a replacement back.ill fix it myself with lights i will purchase.my battery does not sit flush in the base.it is cocked in the wrong position and will not lock.ill fix this problem also by shimming the battery slide bar to the right position.i have had no call back from customer service either.i will leave another message today. i do enjoy riding the bike with the other 6 people i know who have this bike and did not have these problems.

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