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MaxFoot Electric Bike

Maxfoot multifunctional mobile phone holder for bicycle

Maxfoot multifunctional mobile phone holder for bicycle

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Easy Opening

The open buttons is located on both sides of the holder, press the open button on both sides at the same time to open the phone holder simply and quickly

Adjustable headlights >90°

The angle of the headlight can be adjusted to adapt to the angle of the mobile phone, without any complicated mechanism, just slightly adjust it by hand.

Electronic horn on the back

The electric horn module is hidden on the back of the phone holder and has a variety of sound types, which can be easily switched according to your personal preferences

Separate controller

The separate controller is connected through the port at the bottom of the bracket, and the installation location can be selected according to your operating preferences

Two ports

A USB port and a micro USB port are provided at the bottom of the mobile phone holder. It can be used to charge the mobile phone holder, use the mobile phone holder to charge the mobile phone, and connect to the independent controller.

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