What you must pay attention to after receiving your MAXFOOT. (1)

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The second batch of Maxfoot electric bikes recently been shipped away by sea to the United States, Some Indiegogo supporters, and maxfoot.bike customers will soon receive your beloved MAXFOOT.
So, what are you paying attention to when you receive Maxfoot in excitement?
I think the first to notice is the correct assembly.
The bike you received is 85% pre-assembled and you need to operate the rest of 15% by yourself.
Only requires the front wheel, seat post, pedals and handlebars need to be installed on your own.
Here I will share with you an instructional video about assembly.
Although there are instructions on assembly in our user manual, I think this video can better help you to assemble Maxfoot perfectly.
Of course, if you think it still difficult to operate, you can ask for your friend and the local repair shop.
↓ OK! Now! Let's enjoy the video! ↓


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