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Rear Drive Motor

The MAXFOOT powerful motor provides the MF-30 with a rated power of 750W (peak power 1100W) and a powerful torque of 85N.m. In the new version in 2024, the position of the MF-30's motor has been changed to the rear wheel position. This means that the entire vehicle is driven by the two rear wheels, and the driving mode is changed from the original "pull" to "push". When riding on some special terrain, the front wheel will no longer slip. The MAXFOOT motor will work with the two rear wheels to easily push you forward. Free from terrain anxiety, your rides will be easier and more enjoyable.

2 Color For Your Choice

Picton Blue

Pangea Green

High-Quality & High-Capacity Battery

With Ul Certification

Range Develop

Maxfoot 20Ah Battery


Sliver Battery

Quality Develop

Maxfoot 20Ah Battery


Sliver Battery


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$ 1,399.00 $ 1,899.00

48V 20Ah

750W Rear