Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Emojo Lynx Pro 750

Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Emojo Lynx Pro 750

Ever faced city traffic? It’s a hassle. Now imagine a compact, eco-friendly way around it. That’s where foldable e-bikes come in. These e-bikes fold up. That means easy storage and transport. Take it on the train. Slide it under your desk or carry it on your personal vehicle. No more bulky bike racks or wasted space. For city folks, it is actually a game changer. 


But here comes a challenge: so many choices! The market's flooded. Brands everywhere are showcasing their models. Confused? We get it.  


Today, we have two popular names: Maxfoot MF-19 and Emojo Lynx Pro 750. Which one's better? Let’s find out.



🤏Lynx Pro 750 vs MF-19: Quick Comparison


Introduced in 2019, Maxfoot MF-19 is one of the most powerful and foldable Ebikes on the market today. Made from lightweight Aluminium and powered with a 1000 W motor, this bike can tackle the toughest terrains while providing you comfort.


Next, to it is another foldable option from Emojo Bikes, Lynx Pro 750. It is slightly more economical than MF-19 and features a 750 W motor, which takes it to a top speed of 20 mph. The ebike is lightweight, weighing just 55 lbs and the foldable option makes it even more handy.


Before we dive into the detailed comparison, here’s s quick comparative review of both ebike specifications.



MaxFoot MF-19

Emojo Lynx Pro 750


From $999 ⭐

※ After discount code applied.


Motor Power

1000 W Bafang hub motor ⭐

750 W


Samsung 48 Volt 14 AH ⭐


Charging Time

5-6 hrs ⭐

4- 6 hrs

Maximum Range

50-60 miles 

※ with PAS 1 

30 miles

Top Speed

23 mph ⭐

20 mph


80-100 mm front travel ⭐



(20″ x 4 ″)

Kenda (20″ x 4 ″) 

Gross Weight

98 lbs.

55lbs. ⭐

Max. Supported  Weight

300 lbs. ⭐

230 lbs


MF-19 vs Lynx Pro 750: Power and Performance


The MaxFoot MF-19 is equipped with a 1000 W Bafang hub motor. This powerful heart drives the bike to a brisk top speed of 23 mph. It's a great fit for those who prioritize speed and power in their rides.


On the other hand, the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 comes with a 750 W motor, which is a bit more modest than the MF-19. Yet, don't let that fool you. It can still reach a commendable top speed of 20 mph. This speed is sufficient for daily commutes.


Comparing the two, we can see that MF-19 has the upper hand in raw power and speed. If power-packed performance is what you're after, the MaxFoot MF-19 leads this segment.



MF-19 vs Lynx Pro 750: Design and Comfort


Both the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 and MaxFoot MF-19 showcase a sleek aluminum frame, which ensures durability while keeping the overall weight in check.


Further enhancing the user experience, both e-bikes feature a step-over design, which is liked by most cycling pros.  


However, a notable difference emerges when we discuss weight. The Lynx Pro 750 is significantly lighter than the MF-19. But why? Well, we’ll justify that in subsequent sections.  For now, if weight is a major factor for you, the Lynx Pro 750 seems to have an edge.


One functional feature both bikes have is an informational display on the handlebar. Although both have it, the Maxfoot’s a little advanced on that. Our LCD has got a USB port to charge your electronic gadgets.



MF-19 vs Lynx Pro 750: Battery Capacity and Range

Battery life dictates how far you can travel on a single charge and, in many ways, influences your overall riding experience.


Starting with the MaxFoot MF-19, this e-bike houses a Samsung 48 Volt 14 AH battery. It is a solid power source, providing riders with an impressive range. Specifically, with PAS 1 (Pedal Assist Level 1), you can expect to cover between 50-60 miles. Such a range is more than adequate for lengthy commutes or extended recreational rides.


On the other side of the comparison, the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 comes equipped with a 48V/10.4Ah battery. While it may not have the same capacity as the MF-19, it still promises a respectable range of up to 30 miles on a full charge. This range is suitable for daily short-range commutes.


The charging time is pretty much similar, MF-19 may charge an hour or half earlier. However, collectively, MF-19 does shine its larger battery. This is one of the reasons it weighs more. There’s another reason, stay tuned for that!



MF-19 vs Lynx Pro 750: Suspension & Tires


Suspension in an e-bike doesn’t mean just comfort; it means a smooth ride, especially when navigating uneven terrains. The difference in suspension systems can truly set bikes apart, making or breaking the riding experience.


Take the MaxFoot MF-19, for instance. It’s decked out and ready to tackle even the roughest paths. It boasts a full suspension system, prepped for bumpy challenges. The 6-bar linkage rear suspension paired with a movable fork suspension in the front ensures that shocks and jolts are well-absorbed. Whether you’re hitting trails or cruising over pothole-riddled roads, the MF-19 promises a ride that’s both smooth and responsive.


In contrast, the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 has some catching up to do in the suspension department. While specifics about its rear suspension are missing, its front end employs a rigid suspension. This might be sufficient for city roads, but it might not provide the same level of comfort on more challenging terrains compared to the MF-19. This lack of a suspension system is another reason, why it weighs less than MF-19.


Now, let’s talk about tires. Both bikes have sturdy 20" x 4" tires which guarantee good grip and stability. Yet, when focusing purely on suspension, the MF-19 undeniably takes the lead.



Lynx Pro 750 vs MF-19: Pricing and Warranty

When choosing an e-bike, the price tag and warranty can play pivotal roles. After all, you want assurance both in terms of value and post-purchase support.


Starting with the MaxFoot MF-19, it carries a price tag of $2,095. MaxFoot offers a 1-year parts warranty, ensuring any manufacturing defects or issues are addressed. Additionally, the company provides 2 years of technical assistance, which is invaluable for riders who might face technical glitches or require guidance.


On the flip side, the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 is priced slightly lower at $1,829. While its features differ from the MF-19, it also comes with the same one-year warranty on its parts.


Although MF-19 costs higher, we believe that’s fair considering the power and suspension provided. It appears to offer a more comprehensive package.



Which one to Choose?

Both the Emojo Lynx Pro 750 and the MaxFoot MF-19 come with their set of strengths. Yet, when we weigh them side by side, the MF-19 seems to overshadow the Lynx Pro 750 in most aspects, from power to battery range and even suspension.


That said, we’ve laid out all the specs and details for you. In the end, the decision is in your hands. Armed with the facts, you’re now equipped to make the choice that’s best for you. 

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