8 Electric Bike Frame Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Ride | Ebike School Vol.3

8 Electric Bike Frame Styles: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Ride | Ebike School Vol.3

You may have seen different-styled ebikes on the road. Some come with straight tubes connecting the seat’s center to the bike's frame. While others lack this feature. Some are conveniently foldable, and others boast a distinctive long structure. But are these design choices solely dependent on the manufacturer's preference? Not exactly. Although manufacturers do tap into current trends, there’s more to these styles than just aesthetic appeal.


In this article, we will explore the 8 bike styles, you will encounter on city streets and in bike adventure sports. We will uncover the nuances that set each style apart and help you determine which type is the best fit for your riding needs.


Traditional (Step-Over) Design


Maxfoot MF-23

This design harks back to classic bicycling aesthetics. It features a prominent top tube that stretches from the handlebars to the seat, so, you have to ‘step over’ that tube to mount on the bike. This design is mostly liked by cycling aficionados.

At first glance, these ebikes can easily be mistaken for conventional bicycles due to their familiar silhouette. However, in most cases, you get a hint due to the battery which is positioned just beneath the seat. In some models, this battery integration is even more discreet, nestled within the downtube. This design appeals to those who appreciate the timeless look of a classic bike but desire the modern touch of electric assistance.

Step-Through Design


Maxfoot MF-17

This design stands out for its simplicity and accessibility. Unlike traditional bikes, the step-through lacks the middle tube. This means you can mount and dismount effortlessly. This feature is particularly appealing to women and seniors, as it eliminates the need for the high steps typically required by standard frames.

The primary advantage of this design is its easy access. In other aspects, it aligns with the general functionality of other bikes. It is a practical choice for those who value convenience and ease in their riding experience.



BMX, short for bicycle motocross, takes a unique spot in the ebike world. These bikes are known for their low height and lightweight design. They have this sporty vibe that’s hard to miss.

However, unlike their traditional counterparts, they just literally named BMX ebikes. You will not be able to use it at BMX parks as they don’t have a proper suspension in place plus riding with more weight can be a challenge.

Moped Style Ebike


The moped-style ebike is pretty interesting because it looks a lot like a scooter or a motorbike. It has a step-through design, just like scooters, and comes with a wide seat. But here is a twist: it still has bicycle pedals. So, it kind of sits in between a bike and a scooter.

A cool feature of these ebikes is the large seat, which is big enough to carry a passenger. But keep in mind, they're usually bigger and heavier than your typical bike. This can make them a bit harder to handle and store, especially if you’re used to the size and weight of traditional bikes.



Maxfoot MF-19

They remind you of BMX bikes because they’re small and lightweight, but there’s a huge difference: they fold up. This makes them super convenient for storage or carrying around. Plus, unlike many BMX bikes, these foldable ones often come with a suspension system. Take the Maxfoot MF-19, for example, it is a full-suspension ebike. Add fat tires to these bikes, and you've got yourself a ride that can handle all sorts of terrain pretty efficiently.  




Electric Mountain Bikes, or eMTBs, are the off-road warriors of the ebike world. Like their manual counterparts, eMTBs are built for the ruggedness of off-road trails. They feel and look like a sports ebike.  

They come with thicker, notched wheels that grip the ground better, and a more aggressive suspension system to handle bumps and jumps. They also have a higher-wattage motor to give you that extra push.



Cargo ebikes are the heavy lifters in the ebike family, designed for small-scale delivery tasks. These bikes are pretty sizable and built to haul up to 400 pounds, which is great for replacing a car for some deliveries.

Cargo bikes come equipped with pedal assist and thumb throttle, helping you zip to top speeds with ease, and they boast a considerable battery range too. The downside is bulkier and heavier compared to typical ebikes.

Electric Trikes


Maxfoot MF-30

Electric trikes bring something a bit different to the table with their three wheels. This three-wheel step-through design adds extra stability, which makes it a great option for seniors or anyone who wants a steadier ride. One of the perks of a trike is its ability to carry more load than a standard ebike. It often features a cargo space at the rear.

How to Pick the Right Ebike Frame?

Now, another question arises, ‘Which ebike style should I choose from the sea of choices’. Here’s a small method to do so:


Identify Your Needs

The first step is understanding your needs. Why do you need an ebike? What will be its primary use? Are you planning to use it for daily commuting, deliveries, off-roading adventures, or leisurely rides? Pinpoint one use case.


Review and Research

Next, take some time to look into different brands and models that meet your criteria. It is helpful to read reviews from other users online and get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of various bikes. This research is important to help you narrow down your options to the ones that best fit your requirements.


Consider Taking a Test Ride

Lastly, if you can, visit a store specializing in ebikes and try a few out. Notice how each bike feels when you're riding it. Is it comfortable? Do you like how it handles? How well does the frame size suit you? A test ride can give you a real sense of what to expect from a bike.


What Frame Styles Are Maxfoot Bikes?

Maxfoot offers a variety of popular ebike frame styles to cater to different preferences and needs:


Step-Through Design: For those who prefer easy access and comfort, Maxfoot offers the cruiser-style MF-17. This model is designed with a step-through frame, making it convenient for riders to mount and dismount.


Step-Over Design: The Maxfoot MF-18 is a step-over model, another beach cruiser in their lineup. This style is ideal for those who enjoy the classic bike frame design and are looking for a more traditional riding experience.


Foldable Design: Catering to the needs of those who value portability and convenience, Maxfoot has the MF-19. This model is a full-suspension foldable ebike; a great choice for city commuters or those with limited storage space.


Trike for Seniors: For seniors or those seeking extra stability, Maxfoot offers the MF-30, a trike. This three-wheeled design provides additional support and balance, making it a safe and comfortable option for senior riders.




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