Maxfoot MF-30: A Versatile Three-Wheeler for Your Needs

Maxfoot MF-30: A Versatile Three-Wheeler for Your Needs

In 1665, a disabled German crafted the first tricycle to regain his mobility. This three-wheeled invention marked the beginning of the tricycle's journey as a symbol of stability. As it evolved, it took on the role of a pedaled vehicle, primarily used for commercial transportation.


Now, in the modern era, we see the rise of electric trikes, with the MF-30 leading the way. Designed for everyone, from adults to seniors and teenagers, the MF-30 offers both daily commuting and commercial capabilities. This article highlights how this trike is an all-rounder for all your needs.



Meet the Maxfoot MF-30: Your New Ride Companion


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember the tricycle you rode as a kid? Seems cute, right? Now, imagine that tricycle went to the gym, got a tech upgrade, and turned into the superhero of trikes. That’s the Maxfoot MF-30, a 750W electrically assisted etrike. It’s sleek, electric, and ready to roll.  


Whether you’re a city slicker dodging potholes or a beach bum cruising the boardwalk, the MF-30 is your trusty three-wheeled sidekick.


Here’s a quick overview of its specifications:


Maxfoot MF-30



Motor Power



Samsung 48 Volt 17.5 Ah

Charging Time

6 – 7 hrs.

Maximum Range

50-65 with PAS 1

Top Speed

20 mph


50 mm front travel


5-inch LCD with USB


Front (24″ x 4 ″), Rear (20″ x 4″)

Gross Weight

100 lbs.

Max. Supported Weight

350 lbs. + 100 (Rear) lbs.


Quicker Deliveries, Bigger Tips


Picture this: city streets bustling with cafes, restaurants, and folks craving their favorite dishes. Imagine delivering those dishes swiftly, efficiently, and in style. That’s where the Maxfoot MF-30 shines. With its sturdy rear rack that can hold up to 100 lbs, it’s a boon for small food deliveries.


Got a stack of pizzas or a bunch of gourmet sandwiches? No problem. And with a 750W motor pushing a top speed of 20 mph, you deliver food just in a few minutes. The quicker you get to your customers, the hotter the food and the bigger the tips.


For those who usually navigate around the street with mobile, there’s great news. Maxfoot offers a free mobile holder that lets you zip around the city with ease.


So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, the MF-30 is designed to simplify your delivery business journey.



No More Juggling Bags on Grocery Runs


We have all been there: arms overloaded with grocery bags, trying to balance everything without dropping that precious jar of pickles. But with the Maxfoot MF-30, those days are behind you. Its robust design supports a whopping 350 lbs., plus an additional 100 lbs. on the rear rack. That’s for a basket full of groceries!


And if you’re worried about the weight slowing you down, think again. With a 750W motor, you can still hit a top speed of 20 mph. Whether you're grabbing a week's worth of groceries or just a few essentials, the MF-30 ensures you get home quickly and efficiently.



Explore Nature’s Beauty Comfortably with MF-30


Ever dreamt of cruising down nature trails, feeling the wind in your hair, and exploring the greater outdoors? The Maxfoot MF-30 is here to make that dream a reality. With its powerful 750W motor, you can tackle even the most challenging terrains. And those fat tires, 24" x 4" are built to handle everything from sandy beaches to rocky paths.


Worried about comfort on those longer rides? The MF-30's got you covered with a 50 mm front travel suspension, which makes all arrangements for a smooth journey no matter where you roam. And with a top speed of 20 mph, you can cover more ground in less time.


But what truly sets the MF-30 apart is its impressive battery life. The Samsung 48 Volt 17.5 Ah battery promises a range of 50-65 miles on PAS 1. That’s more than enough for a day’s adventure without the stress of running out of juice.


Also, the storage space at the back is quite handy for carrying camping, hunting, or fishing equipment. And if you want to carry your pet with you, no worries there as well. You may attach a trailer, and this bike will seamlessly move it along with you.



Illuminate Your Night-time Adventures


Night rides are magical. The world feels different. The MF-30 gets that. It's equipped for after-dark adventures. A powerful 750W motor ensures ample speed speed. Plus, the integrated lights (rear and front guide your path. They make you visible.



Run Errands Efficiently, Every Single Time


Errands. We all have them. But with the MF-30, they're a breeze. No more traffic jams or parking woes. Just hop on and zip through your to-do list. The powerful motor ensures you’re always on the move. Need to pick up groceries? The rear and front racks have you covered. They can hold up to 100 lbs.



Designed with Seniors in Mind


Age is just a number, especially with the MF-30 by your side. This trike understands the unique needs of seniors. Stability is paramount, and that's where the three-wheel design shines. It offers a balance that two-wheelers can’t match, which makes the rider confident every turn.


But that’s not all. The step-through design is a game-changer. No more awkward mounting or dismounting. Just step through, sit, and you're ready to roll. And speaking of sitting, the MF-30 boasts a padded seat with back support. Long rides or short, every journey feels like a treat.



A Revolution on Three Wheels


In a world filled with two-wheelers, the Maxfoot MF-30 stands out, not just for its three wheels, but for its thoughtful design, versatility, and commitment to rider satisfaction.


Whether you’re a senior seeking stability, a business owner looking for an efficient delivery vehicle, or simply someone who values quality and performance, the MF-30 is more than just a trike - it's a statement. A statement that mobility, comfort, and style can coexist.



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