XP Lite Lectric vs. Maxfoot MF-19

XP Lite Lectric vs. Maxfoot MF-19

As cities are getting crowded and roads are getting congested, the need for sustainable transportation solutions is more pressing than ever. The compact e-bikes offer a breath of fresh air. Their foldable nature makes them incredibly convenient for those with limited storage space or for those who commute using multiple modes of transportation.


Imagine seamlessly transitioning from a train ride to a bike ride without the hassle of securing a large bicycle.


The Lectric XP Lite and Maxfoot MF-19 stand out in this category as each one brings its unique set of features to the table.  In this article, we will compare these two models in terms of their performance, range, comfort, and suspension. Read through to find out which one would suit your needs.



XP Lite Lectric vs Maxfoot MF-19 500F: A Quick Comparison


The Maxfoot MF-19 500F is lite version of the original MF-19 model. It’s foldable, compact, and packs a punch with its 500W motor. This motor can hit peak outputs of 750W, allowing speeds up to 23 mph. Its key highlight is the front fork suspension that makes rides a breeze.


The XP Lite Lectric is also a compact version of the original XP Lectric. It is lightweight, foldable, and perfect for urban settings with space constraints. The bike features a 300W motor, which can reach a top speed of 20 mph.



Maxfoot MF-19 500F

XP Lite Lectric



$799 ⭐

Motor Power

500W ⭐

300 W


48V 13 Ah ⭐

48V 7.8Ah

Charging Time

5-6 hrs ⭐

4- 6 hrs

Maximum Range

60 miles ⭐

with PAS 1

40 miles ⭐

on PAS 1

Top Speed

23 mph ⭐

20 mph


Front Suspension Fork ⭐

Rigid Steel Fork


20″ x 4 ″ ⭐

20″ x 2.4″

Net Weight

85 lbs. ⭐

46 lbs.

Folded Dimensions

42" x 21" x 32" ⭐

36" x 16" x 26"

Max. Supported Weight

300 lbs. ⭐

220 lbs.


12 Months +

24 Months of Technical Support ⭐

12 Months


XP Lite Lectric vs Maxfoot MF-19: Design and Comfort


Both bikes proudly display the classic step-over frame, a design element that has been favored by bike enthusiasts. This traditional look is complemented by adjustable features, from the handlebars to the seat, which allows riders to tailor their biking experience to their preferences.


The foldability aspect is a shared trait, making both bikes versatile choices for urban commuters with limited storage space. However, the XP Lite Lectric has an edge in the weight department. Weighing in at a mere 46 lbs, it's quite easy to breeze to handle.


On the other hand, the Maxfoot MF-19 is quite bulkier due to a more powerful motor, a large battery, which keeps it alive for long rides, and fat tires.



XP Lite Lectric vs Maxfoot MF-19: Power and Performance


XP Lite Lectric is equipped with a 300W motor. However, Lectric claims it can deliver an output akin to 720W. This gives it a respectable top speed of 20 mph, making it suitable for those riders who prioritize efficiency and agility in city commutes. However, the power may not work for those who need it for adventurous rides on mountains, and difficult terrain.


On the flip side, the Maxfoot MF-19 doesn’t hold back on raw power. It comes standard with a 500W motor, but there’s a 1000W version as well for those who need more. With this kind of power, the MF-19 can achieve higher top speeds (up to 23 mph).


MF-19 500F caters to riders who might be looking for more thrill in their rides or those who have longer commutes and desire quicker travel times



XP Lite Lectric vs Maxfoot MF-19: Battery Capacity and Range


Battery capacity and range are crucial factors for e-bike enthusiasts as they determine how far one can travel on a single charge. Let’s break down the offerings of both these e-bikes


The XP Lite Lectric is powered by a 48V 7.8Ah battery. It seems modest but can offer a maximum range of 40 miles if you ride on PAS level 1. This bike can be your choice for your short daily commutes or weekend rides.


In contrast, the Maxfoot MF-19 comes equipped with a more substantial Samsung 48 Volt 13 Ah battery. This larger capacity translates to an impressive range; riders can cover up to 60 miles with Pedal Assitance level I. Such an extended range makes the MF-19 a suitable option for those who have longer commutes. They can enjoy extended rides without the worry of frequent recharges.



XP Lite Lectric vs Maxfoot MF-19: Tires and Suspension


When it comes to e-bike comfort and adaptability to various terrains, tires and suspension play pivotal roles.


Starting with the Maxfoot MF-19, one of its standout features is its front suspension fork. Unlike bikes with a fixed fork, the MF-19’s suspension ensures a smoother ride, especially on uneven or rough terrains. This feature is particularly beneficial when one comes across the beaten path or faces bumpy city streets. In terms of tires, the MF-19 is equipped with 20" x 4" fat tires, which provide stability and better traction on diverse surfaces.


On the other hand, the XP Lite Lectric opts for a rigid steel fork, which might offer a stiffer ride compared to bikes with suspension. The tires are also thinner than MF-19, measuring 20" x 2.4".  However, thinner tires often mean reduced rolling resistance and less weight. This makes them a good fit for smooth city roads and a more agile riding experience. However, stability may be a concern here.



Final Words: Which Bike is Better?

The XP Lite Lectric is commendable for its lightweight design, which makes it great for easy portability and maneuverability in urban settings. However, when we factor in power, suspension, battery capacity, and range, the Maxfoot MF-19 500 stands out. Its robust motor, front fork suspension, substantial battery, and extended range provide a comprehensive e-bike experience. Given these attributes, the Maxfoot MF-19 500 is the clear winner.

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