User Testimonial: MF19-1000W

User Testimonial: MF19-1000W

MaxFoot MF-19 1000W Parameters


  • Battery: SAMSUNG 48V 14AH Lithium Battery
  • Hub Motor: 1000W Brushless Bafang Geared Hub Motor
  • Throttle: Variable Speed Control - 1/2 Twist Throttle
  • Display: 5 Inch LCD Display With USB Port
  • Controller: 25A Overall Waterproof Controller
  • Integrated Wiring: Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminium-Alloy Frame
  • Suspension: Six-Bar Linkage Rear Suspension
  • Brake Lever: Tektro Mechanical EL555-RT/EL550-RS
  • Rotors: Tektro 180mm F/R Alloy Disc Brake
  • Tire: DURABLE 20" x 4.0" Tire
  • Chain Puller: Shimano M-310 derailleur & 7 Speeds gear
  • Charging Time: 5-6 Hours
  • N.W:/G.W: 85 lbs / 98 lbs
  • Range: 50-60 Miles with PAS 1
  • Max. Load Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Battery Life: Rated For 800 Charge Cycles
  • Appropriate Height: 5'2"-6'3"

    Buyer & Reviewer: Erika




    For the past six months, I've had the pleasure of riding the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W Folding E-bike, and I can confidently say that it has become an inseparable part of my daily life. With its powerful motor, durable frame, and advanced features, this electric bike has revolutionized my cycling experience. In this review, I will share my genuine experiences and highlight the key features that make the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W a standout choice for electric bike enthusiasts.



    Powerful and Efficient Performance


    The MaxFoot MF-19 1000W is equipped with a 1000W Brushless Bafang Geared Hub Motor, delivering an exhilarating level of power and torque. From conquering steep hills to effortlessly gliding through urban streets, this motor has impressed me with its remarkable performance. Powered by the reliable SAMSUNG 48V 14AH Lithium Battery, I've enjoyed an impressive range of 50-60 miles with PAS 1. This means I can confidently embark on long rides without worrying about running out of battery power. The MaxFoot MF-19 1000W truly exemplifies the perfect blend of power and efficiency.



    Intuitive Control and Convenient Display


    The variable speed control with the 1/2 Twist Throttle has made riding the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W an absolute pleasure. With seamless control over acceleration and speed, I've effortlessly adapted to different riding conditions and experienced a newfound sense of freedom. The 5-inch LCD display with a built-in USB port has been a game-changer, providing easy access to crucial riding information while allowing me to conveniently charge my devices on the go. This intuitive control and convenient display have enhanced both my riding experience and overall enjoyment of the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W.


    Sturdy Build and Comfortable Design


    The 6061 Aluminium-Alloy Frame of the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W not only showcases its sleek aesthetics but also ensures exceptional durability. I've taken this electric bike on various terrains, encountering bumps and uneven surfaces along the way, and it has consistently performed admirably. The six-bar linkage rear suspension system has been a revelation, absorbing shocks and providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Even on rough terrain, I've experienced minimal discomfort and fatigue, allowing me to fully enjoy my rides.



    SAMSUNG 48V 14AH Lithium Battery


    After six months of using the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W Folding E-bike's SAMSUNG 48V 14AH Lithium Battery, I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. The battery has provided consistent and reliable power throughout my rides, allowing me to travel long distances without worrying about running out of energy. It charges relatively quickly, typically taking around 5-6 hours to reach full capacity. Despite regular use, the battery has shown no signs of diminished performance and has maintained its longevity. The SAMSUNG Lithium Battery has proven to be a durable and dependable power source, making my electric bike experience enjoyable and hassle-free.


    Reliable Braking and Smooth Shifting


    Safety is of utmost importance, and the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W addresses this concern effectively. The Tektro Mechanical EL555-RT/EL550-RS brake levers and Tektro 180mm F/R Alloy Disc Brakes provide reliable and responsive stopping power, ensuring I can swiftly and safely navigate through traffic and unexpected obstacles. The Shimano M-310 derailleur with 7-speed gears has made gear shifting a breeze, enabling me to effortlessly adapt to varying terrains and riding conditions. These reliable braking and smooth shifting mechanisms have added an extra layer of confidence to my rides.



    DURABLE 20" x 4.0" Tire


    Having used the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W Folding E-bike with its durable 20" x 4.0" tires for the past six months, I am impressed with their performance and resilience. These tires have proven to be incredibly sturdy, capable of handling various terrains with ease. Whether riding on paved roads, gravel paths, or even tackling off-road trails, the tires have provided excellent traction and stability. Despite encountering rough surfaces and occasional debris, the tires have shown minimal signs of wear and have maintained their grip. I have experienced a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to the tire's ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. Overall, the durable 20" x 4.0" tires have played a significant role in enhancing the overall riding experience of the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W, instilling confidence and ensuring reliable performance.





    In conclusion, the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W Folding E-bike has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Its powerful performance, intuitive control, sturdy build, and reliable safety features have made it a standout choice among electric bikes. Whether you're a daily commuter or an adventure enthusiast, the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W offers an exceptional riding experience that combines power, comfort, and reliability. I wholeheartedly recommend this electric bike to anyone seeking a thrilling and convenient mode of transportation. Experience the joy of riding the MaxFoot MF-19 1000W and unlock a world of possibilities.



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