The Difference Between Ebikes and Mopeds

The Difference Between Ebikes and Mopeds

The landscape of eco-friendly electric transportation is rapidly evolving as conventional vehicles make way for their electric counterparts. Among the most popular two-wheelers in this category are mopeds and electric bikes (ebikes).


Now, if you’re considering an electric vehicle for your daily commute but find yourself torn between a moped and an ebike, this article is tailored for you. We have thoroughly compared these two options, providing insights and key considerations to help you easily determine which one would best suit your needs.





An electric bike (ebike) is a bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor to assist with pedaling. It combines the physical effort of pedaling with the power of a motor. It offers a unique blend of manual and electric propulsion.


Ebikes are used for a variety of purposes, including commuting, leisure riding, fitness, and even competitive sports. They are favored by those seeking an eco-friendly commute, individuals looking for a physically less demanding ride, and in cities where traffic congestion is a major issue.





A moped is a small, low-powered motorcycle equipped with a small engine (less than 50cc), or motor (if it’s an electrical variant). Some mopeds do have pedals. The term “moped” is a Swedish word, meaning ‘motor’ and ‘pedaler’. It is a hybrid between a motorcycle and a pedal bicycle.


Mopeds are widely used for short-distance commuting, errand running, and as a convenient mode of transport in urban and suburban settings. They are particularly popular among students, city dwellers, and those looking for an economical, easy-to-park vehicle.



Ebikes vs. Moped: A Quick Comparison


Before, we get into the details, let’s quickly get a glimpse of how both bikes differ.






250 – 1000W Motor

<50cc engine /1000W

Top Speed

20 mph

28 mph


40 – 50 miles

40 – 50 miles

Average Price

$1000 – $3000

$2000 – $10,000


Step-Thru/Step Over

Step Thru


2 or 3 (eTrike)




May or May Not

Require Licensing







Lightweight frame





Technical Comparison


Now, let’s break down their key features and compare both vehicles side by side.


Motor Power and Top Speeds


Let’s talk about ebikes first. These bikes are equipped with motors that range from 250 to 1000W. The top speed is capped at 20 mph due to safety regulations. They are perfect for a safe ride around the city.


Mopeds are a bit different. They may be engine-driven or electric and mostly offer more power (more than 1000W). This means they zip around a bit faster, averaging speeds of about 28 mph or more.


Range and Charging/Fueling


Both ebikes and mopeds offer a similar travel range – the range is somewhere around 40 to 50 miles. Quite handy for daily commutes or short trips. Charging time for ebikes is 4 to 7 hours. While for moped ones, with a slightly larger battery, expect a couple of additional hours.


Styles and Options


Ebikes come in cool styles. They have step-through frames and step-over frames, and yes, they have pedals for when you feel like going old school with traditional cycling. Plus, there are foldable and even three-wheeled versions for extra convenience and stability.


Mopeds stick to the classic step-through design. But unlike ebikes, the modern version mostly lacks. They are usually heavier and built for a bit more rugged use.


Size, Weight, and Storage


Ebikes are a bit heavier than your standard bike because of the motor and battery, but they are still pretty manageable. And the foldable ones are super easy to store and transport.


Mopeds, being bulkier and heavier, need more room. They are not as easy to lug around or store in tight spaces.



Cost Considerations


Costs are also one of the dominant factors in the purchase. You need to review different costs, such as initial costs, running & maintenance costs, and insurance before making a final decision.


Initial Purchase Price


Let’s start with the price tag. Ebikes generally start around $1,000. Most models fall in the range of $1,000 to $3,000.


On the other hand, Mopeds are on the pricier side. You’re looking at a range from about $2,000 to a hefty $10,000. This higher price range reflects their more complex engineering and greater power.


Maintenance and Upkeep


Ongoing costs are something to think about too. For ebikes, maintenance usually involves battery care and the usual bike stuff – brakes, tires, etc. Thankfully, it is generally not too heavy on the wallet.


Mopeds, with their more complex mechanics and engines (for the non-electric ones), can cost a bit more to maintain. Regular service, and parts replacement – it all adds up over time.


Insurance and Licensing


A nice perk about ebikes: they typically don't require any kind of licensing or insurance. It’s like having a regular bike, just with an extra kick. Mopeds are a different story. In most states, it’s mandatory to have a license to ride one. And then there's insurance. These requirements can mean additional costs and a bit of paperwork.



User Experience


Comfort does matter, plus consumers do look for options that they could use for different purposes.


Comfort and Accessibility


Ebikes are a real joy in terms of comfort and ease of use. They offer a smooth ride with the added boost from the electric motor, which is great for tackling hills or long distances without getting too tired. This makes them a hit with a wide range of age groups and physical abilities.


Mopeds are also comfortable but offer a different experience. They are generally faster and require a bit more in terms of handling skills. This might be a consideration for younger riders or those not as confident with higher speeds.


Versatility of Use


Here’s where ebikes shine. You can take them just about anywhere – parks, off-road tracks, even beaches. They are adaptable, letting you enjoy both the leisure of a bike ride and the convenience of motorized assistance.


Whereas, mopeds are more restricted in where they can go. They are mainly suited for roads and streets. So, if you’re looking to explore off-the-beaten-path places or enjoy nature trails, a moped might not be the best fit.





Mopeds are powerful and well-suited for road rides. They excel in speed and on-street navigation. However, if you prefer to explore various terrains like city streets, country paths, beaches, or parks, ebikes are the ideal choice. The best part is you get to enjoy all these adventures without the need for a license.


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