Take your Ebike on a Summer Road Trip

Take your Ebike on a Summer Road Trip

Are you tired of the typical holiday activities, such as going to theme parks or visiting the same old tourist pitfalls? Why not consider a vacation in an RV? It's an ideal option for families seeking a unique and exciting experience, allowing you to create lasting memories while exploring new places together. And what could be cooler than bringing along your trusty Maxfoot electric trike? We contacted Anthony Nalli, the RV expert from "The RVers" program, to gather professional advice on maximizing your joy during your road trip. Brace yourself for a journey that's bound to fill you with wonder!



Selecting the Perfect Bicycle Holder: Why Storage is Crucial for Your Electric Three-Wheeler


When embarking on a cross-country journey with your electric trike, you want to ensure a worry-free ride. Nalli emphasizes the importance of selecting a bike rack designed explicitly for electric three wheel bike. Consider the Hollywood Racks RV Rider Ebike Rack, an excellent choice that can be easily folded when not in use, tilted down to provide convenient cargo access, and equipped with essential safety features such as a keyed-alike locking hitch pin, security wire, and locking frame hooks. This sturdy rack is capable of handling the weight and securely accommodating the wheels of your electric trike. Most RV hitches are suitable for this purpose, making installation a breeze.


Before loading your electric three wheel bike onto the RV rack, remember to remove the battery and store it inside the vehicle. This not only reduces weight but also safeguards the battery during transportation, ensuring optimal performance.



Prioritize Safety: Use Common Sense and Secure Your Electric Trike


While it might be tempting to leave your electric trike unattended and unsecured at the campground, prioritizing safety is crucial. Treat your electric three wheel bike with the same caution you would in any urban setting. Whether you opt to secure it to a nearby picnic table or a fixed component of the RV itself, invest in a high-quality bike lock for added security. Even during short absences, it's wise to err on the side of caution and ensure your electric trike is protected from potential theft or damage.


Nalli provides an additional pro tip: when stopping overnight or refuelling, secure your electric trike to the bike rack mounted on the back of your vehicle. This extra layer of protection minimizes the risk of someone attempting to steal your valuable electric three wheel bike, offering you peace of mind throughout your journey.



Foster Community: Respect Your Neighbors and Embrace the RV Lifestyle


The RV industry has experienced rapid growth, resulting in vibrant RV communities found in various campgrounds along your route. Nalli emphasizes the importance of building connections and fostering relationships with your fellow campers. Engage in friendly waves, gather for barbecues, or participate in late-night card games to become part of the community.


Getting to know your neighbours brings numerous advantages, including the creation of a temporary neighbourhood watch. Your electric trike, especially if it's a unique model from Maxfoot Bikes, will undoubtedly catch the eye of your neighbours. In the unfortunate event that your electric three wheel bike goes missing, they can serve as an additional resource, recognizing any suspicious activity and assisting in locating your prized possession.


According to Nalli, "Maxfoot electric trike or Bikes are attention-getters. They have a very original appearance and are quite cool. This is bound to be something that grabs folks' attention, no doubt about it!" By showing respect for your neighbors and immersing yourself in the RV community, you establish a supportive network that enhances the security of both you and your electric three wheel bike.



Final Thoughts

Armed with these expert tips, you're ready to hit the road with your electric trike and fully enjoy the exhilaration of an RV adventure. Choose a reliable bike rack, secure your electric three wheel bike with a quality lock, and embrace the RV lifestyle by connecting with your campground neighbours. By taking these measures to ensure safety and community involvement, you'll experience the boundless freedom of the open road and the joy of exploring new destinations on your electric trike. Get ready, gear up, and prepare for a journey that will electrify your senses and create memories to last a lifetime.

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