Step-Thru E-Bike Review: A Standout Choice for Avid Cyclists

Step-Thru E-Bike Review: A Standout Choice for Avid Cyclists

The MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-Bike is the best-upgraded version of all the entry-level e-bikes available in the market. It has got a remarkable combination of style, comfort, and performance. The sturdy build and intuitive control make it a standout choice for riders looking for an e-bike.


In this MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-bike Review, we will delve into the functionality, user experience, and riding position of this e-bike. We will also talk about the battery capacity, motor power, and all the specifications that increase the versatility of MF-17 for avid cyclists. You will also get to learn about the pros and cons alongside our final verdict about this MF-17 Step-Thru E-bike.



How’s the riding experience with MF-17 Step-thru E-Bike?


MaxFoot has paid keen attention to the sleek design of MF-17 while ensuring a comfortable riding experience. This step-thru frame gives the MF-17 e-bike an edge when it comes to accessibility which makes it a popular choice among people of all ages.


MF-17 Step-Thru E-bike's sleek design is ideal for casual rides providing comfort, safety enhancement, and intuitive control that makes it a top contender in the e-bike market. The big curved handlebars offer the utmost comfort by supporting various arm lengths. MF-17 can filter out bumps on a rough trail and offer complete stability without getting tippy.



How does the MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-Bike Motor work on steep inclines?


MF-17 fat-tired cruiser electric bike has got a powerful motor and long battery range that makes it a beast on steep inclines. Its ergonomic design makes it a cost-effective choice for cycle enthusiasts. The comfortable padded seat helps you to travel long distances without getting a backache.


MaxFoot MF-17 delivers admirable functionality with its 750W rear hub motor and 48V lithium-ion battery. This head turner is fun to ride and has a well-built that makes it look like a luxurious ride. With a mere 4-5 hour charging time, you can ride this bike for 45-55 miles without getting worried about charging it again.



MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-Bike Review: Specifications & Key Features


1. MaxFoot MF-17 Motor System and Battery Capacity


The MaxFoot MF-17 is equipped with a powerful 750W rear hub motor that offers excellent acceleration and a top speed of 20 mph depending upon the rider's weight and loading. This e-bike provides a seamless riding experience whether you are navigating through graded pavements or conquering challenging trails.


A 48V Lithium-ion battery is installed at the back spot of the saddle that can be locked and removed with the help of a key. Just like MaxFoot MF-30 E-trike the battery life for MF-17 is also rated for 800 charge cycles. With 4-5 hours of charging time, you can ride up to 45-55 miles. No sweat!



2. MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru Frame and Carrying Capacity


MF-17 has a well-built aluminum step-thru frame that ensures durability and reliability. The step-thru frame design is ideal for riders with short stature or limited mobility. There is a rear rack that has a payload capacity of 300lbs making it a popular choice among the commutes for carrying containers.


Though there is no front basket or rear basket which means you have to get a hard shell container from the MaxFoot accessories section to carry your belongings.



3. MF-17 E-bike curved handlebars and padded saddle


The step-thru frame also has an adjustable padded saddle that offers comfort by making mounting and dismounting easy. The curved handlebars can also be adjusted at the arm length and a throttle controller is also preinstalled on the right handle. This variable speed control throttle helps you to convert it into a regular bike with a push of a single button.


4. MaxFoot MF-17 Step-thru E-Bike LCD Display

The MF-17 is equipped with a 5-inch LCD with a USB port mounted on the handlebars to display important metrics. The LCD provides a real-time display of speed, battery levels, distance traveled, and more.


The control pad allows you to switch to pedal-assist or use the combination of pedal assist and throttle to ride up on steep inclines. The step-thru has an appropriate height ranging from 5’4  to 6'2 with big fat tires and a carrying capacity of 300 lbs that affect the top speed directly.


5. MaxFoot MF-17 Intuitive Control and Brake System


Safety is paramount and the braking system of MF-17 ensures a safe riding experience. There is a front suspension control that offers a smooth riding experience. The integrated wiring harness and connector are waterproof and allow powerful stopping even on muddy or sliding trails.


Additionally, it has integrated brake lights that flash right after you apply brakes, it can enhance visibility even in the darkest of the nights. The e-bike also includes fenders that can save your bike from mud splashes on muddy terrain.



Where to buy Maxfoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-Bike?

If you want to enjoy an exceptional riding experience just like us, you can get your MF-17 Step-Thru E-bike from MaxFoot online store. Forget about the average entry-level e-bike and upgrade to this head-turner that has brought a frenzy in the e-bike market. You can get it in three eye-catching colors including dark blue, cyan, and purple.



What do we like about it?

  • Fat-tire cruiser bike with a top speed of up to 20 mph that leaves its competitor e-bikes way behind
  • 750W motor and a 13Ah battery that gives a lot of power to drive through long trails
  • The most cost-effective model introduced by MaxFoot for a cruiser e-bike
  • Well-built step-thru frame for easy mounting
  • Curved handlebars that move around effortlessly and thick padded saddle for back support

Any downsides?

  • Few extra accessories might be needed, like a hard-shell storage bag to carry your belongings conveniently
  • Must have kept the key safe because they don’t have a replacement available



MaxFoot MF-17 Step-Thru E-Bike Review: The Final Verdict


MF-17 is a cost-effective e-bike model launched by MaxFoot electric bikes. The ergonomic design and intuitive control cater to a comfortable riding experience for avid cyclists. The step-thru frame is made up of an aluminum frame that makes it sturdy enough for rough trails. So don’t miss out on MF-17 Step-Thru E-bike if you want a smooth riding experience!

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