Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch

Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch

Choosing the right e-bike can be quite the puzzle, right? Especially when you’re faced with two strong contenders: Maxfoot MF-19 and Aventon Sinch. Both of these foldable e-bikes are earning buzz for their sleek designs and top-notch features. So, how do you decide which one’s for you?


If you’ve found yourself caught in the Maxfoot vs. Aventon debate, you’re in for a treat! We’re about to unveil the details of these innovative bikes to help you make an informed decision. Ready to roll? Let’s jump right in!



Maxfoot MF-19 vs Aventon Sinch: A Quick Comparison


The Maxfoot MF-19 is a marvel of versatility in the e-bike domain. It is offered in two power variants—500W and 1000W. Its defining features include foldability and a compact design, which make it incredibly portable and storage-friendly. Its well-engineered suspension and high-quality tires guarantee a ride that melds comfort and reliability.


In contrast, the Sinch, hailing from Aventon bikes, is a notable counterpart to the MF-19. It parallels many features with the MF-19 but stands out with its slightly larger battery. This enhancement in battery size equates to an extended range.


Here’s a quick comparison of these two foldable bikes:


Maxfoot MF-19 500F

Avench Sinch


$999 ⭐


Motor Power


500 W


48V 13 Ah

48V 14Ah ⭐

Charging Time

5-6 hrs ⭐

4-5 hrs

Maximum Range

60 miles with PAS 1

71 miles with PAS 1 ⭐

Top Speed

23 mph ⭐

20 mph


Front, 80 mm travel ⭐

Front, 45 mm travel


(20″ x 4 ″)

(20″ x 4 ″)

Net Weight

85 lbs.  ⭐

68 lbs.

Folded Dimensions

42" x 21" x 32"

41" x 23" x 31"

Max. Supported Weight

300 lbs.

330 lbs. ⭐


12 Months +

24 Months of Technical Support

24 Months


Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch: Design and Comfort


In terms of design, it’s fascinating to see how they both embody the elegance and robustness of a 6061 aluminum step-through frame—a design highly favored by bike enthusiasts for its blend of style and convenience.


Being members of the foldable e-bike family, both the MF-19 and the Sinch are extremely portable. The folding dimensions of these e-bikes are almost identical, with the MF-19 folding down to 42" x 21" x 32" and the Sinch to 41" x 23" x 31".


However, it’s the nuanced differences that make the comparison intriguing. The MF-19 is a bit on the heavier side, weighing 85 lbs., indicative of its solid build. While the Sinch is more lightweight at 68 lbs., making it a slightly more portable option.


Comfort is another pivotal aspect where both bikes exhibit their excellence. The MF-19 takes a slight lead in this department with its slightly larger handle for enhanced riding experience. This subtle enhancement can make a difference for riders looking for that extra touch of comfort during their rides



Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch: Motor Power and Top Speed


Motor power is the main factor that influences the performance and capability of the bike. In this arena, both the Maxfoot MF-19 and the Aventon Sinch start on an even footing – they are equipped with a 500W motor. However, it’s noteworthy that the MF-19 offers a step-up with an available 1000W variant; it’s for those who need extra punch and power in their ride.


When shifting our focus to the top speed, a slight divergence is observable. The MF-19 dashes ahead with a top speed of 23 mph. This allows riders to feel the breeze a bit more compared to the Sinch, which clocks in at a top speed of 20 mph. This subtle difference in speed can make a noticeable impact, especially for those riders who prioritize pace and thrill in their e-biking adventures.



Maxfoot MF-19 vs Aventon Sinch: Battery and Range


The battery is the lifeline of any e-bike, dictating how far you can go on a single charge. In this aspect, the Maxfoot MF-19 and the Aventon Sinch bring their A-game, but with slight variations.


The MF-19 is powered by a 48V 13Ah battery, a respectable capacity that ensures sustained performance. With its battery, the MF-19 offers a maximum range of 60 miles with PAS 1. It’s sufficient enough for extended journeys.


On the other hand, the Sinch sports a slightly superior 48V 14Ah battery, giving it a slight edge in energy storage and, consequently, in range.  With its slightly larger battery, Sinch promises a maximum range of 71 miles with PAS 1. This additional mileage can be beneficial for people who have longer commutes or simply wish to indulge in prolonged explorations.



Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch: Suspension and Tires


A smooth ride is often the amalgamation of well-designed suspension and high-quality tires. They allow bikers to conquer various terrains with ease and comfort.


The MF-19 boasts a front suspension with an 80mm travel that provides a plush and responsive ride, even on more challenging terrains. This extended travel can notably absorb more shocks and bumps.


In contrast, the Sinch is equipped with a front suspension as well but with a 45mm travel. While this is adequate for regular rides, the MF-19 clearly has the upper hand when it comes to absorbing impacts on uneven terrains.


Tires are equally important. Both the e-bikes are outfitted with 20" x 4" tires, which ensure a stable and grippy ride. Whether you’re on a city road or a dirt trail, this tire size is capable of providing sufficient traction in each case.



Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch: Add-On Features


The Aventon Sinch is equipped with a sleek and visually pleasing backlit LCD. It provides riders with vital real-time data, such as the distance traveled, and crucially, the remaining battery life.


On the other side, the Maxfoot MF-19 doesn’t lag. It also features a 5-inch LCD with a useful USB port which allows riders to charge their devices on the go.


Moreover, Maxfoot goes a step further in user convenience by offering three valuable accessories with the MF-19. These include a mobile holder to hold your device securely in place during your rides, a rear storage bag for extra storage, and side mirrors to enhance safety by providing a clear view of your surroundings.



Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Aventon Sinch: Which one is value for money


Value for money is often the pivotal factor swaying potential buyers in their final decision. The Maxfoot MF-19 is priced at $999, and the Aventon Sinch comes with a tag of $1,399.


It’s important to note that both e-bikes pack a plethora of features, showcasing robust performance, design innovations, and added functionalities. However, when evaluating the overall offerings against the price, the MF-19, with its lower cost, solid build, and additional accessories, seems to offer more value.


Aventon offers a slightly extended range and colorful display. These features are undoubtedly valuable, but the question arises as to whether these justify the additional $400, especially when compared to the well-rounded package provided by the MF-19.


The MF-19 not only presents a powerful performance and superior suspension but also brings practical add-ons. These extra conveniences, coupled with its competitive price, make the MF-19 a compelling option for those looking to maximize value.

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