Maxfoot MF-19 Review

If you're searching for an affordable e-bike that boasts plenty of features and comes in various colors, the Maxfoot MF-19 may be just what you ordered. This foldable electric bicycle can serve many purposes while remaining lightweight.

The MF-19 boasts a 1,000 watt motor that will get you up and running quickly, while its top speed of 23 mph makes it an excellent hill climber as well.


The Maxfoot MF-19 is an impressive foldable electric bike with some impressive features. For starters, its powerful 750W hub motor makes it stand out among other ebikes of its price point. Furthermore, its six-bar linkage rear suspension gives it the agility to tackle any terrain you throw at it.

Finally, this folding electric bike features 20" fat tires which make it perfect for folding. Plus, its Tektro mechanical disc brakes can stop plenty of weight while its bright headlight provides ample illumination.

Another unique aspect of the MF-19 is its battery design. Instead of having a traditional, fragile cover, this model features an integrated locking and removable battery housed within its frame. This keeps your battery looking neat and clear and helps prevent dirt accumulation.

The battery on the MF-19 isn't its only remarkable feature; it also has an integrated headlight and taillight that are both powered by its main battery. The headlight itself has three modes for improved visibility at night or when visibility is low.

Although not as bright as some other e-bikes at this price point, the headlight on this bike does a good job of lighting up your ride and keeping you safe. Additionally, the taillight is one of the better ones I've seen on a folding ebike.

Finally, the MF-19 boasts a 48 volt, 14 amp hour system that promises an estimated 50 mile range on its lowest pedal assist setting. While this is impressive, keep in mind that actual range may vary depending on weight, amount of gear used and hill steepness.


Maxfoot Ebikes is a newly established company founded by two former bicycle riders. To fund their research and development efforts, they obtained bank loans and rented an office space in Southern California to work on their prototypes. After spending endless hours communicating with manufacturers and engineers, these advanced yet stylish electric bikes were released onto the market.


The Maxfoot MF-19 can be folded up in just three easy steps, making it incredibly lightweight and convenient to carry around. With its sleek look and impressive power, this product makes a great choice for anyone who wants to get out and enjoy life's moments.


Maxfoot Ebikes offer a smooth and powerful ride with their 750W motor that can produce 90 Newton meters of torque. Perfect for outdoor adventurers, Maxfoot Ebikes reach top speeds of 23 mph.

This bike boasts a 48 volt 14 Ah lithium-ion battery that provides up to 50 miles on the lowest pedal assist setting. This battery is locking and removable, housed within the frame for added convenience.

The MF-19 boasts a 6 bar linkage rear suspension system designed to offer superior comfort no matter the terrain. Additionally, its lightweight aluminum alloy frame delivers high performance and lightweight durability.

The MF-19 comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes that provide ample stopping power no matter how long you're out on the trail. Plus, its adjustable headlight can be adjusted to boost visibility for added safety.

The MF-19 is an ideal option for those searching for a sub $2,000 USD folding full-suspension ebike that won't break the bank. It's also ideal if you need to commute or carry cargo on board.


Are you searching for a folding e-bike, commuter e-bike, or just an electric trike that can be used to go shopping? Maxfoot Ebikes has what you need. Their selection includes bikes with various features and all come with a 1-year warranty to back them up.

For the most part, everything on the MF-19 is of high quality and designed to withstand some bumps and bruises. It features a carbon fiber frame which offers stability while navigating. Plus, its lightweight aluminum fork keeps things smooth while being more maneuverable. Plus, its full suspension design will keep you comfortable during long rides or trips.

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