Your Ultimate Guide to Maintenance, Modes, and More

Your Ultimate Guide to Maintenance, Modes, and More

Frequently Ask Question

At MAXFOOT, we respond to your frequently asked inquiries about our top-selling electric tricycle.


How Does the MAXFOOT MF-30 frame function? How does it increase protection?

The MF-30 e-Trike has a sliding frame mechanism that makes navigating corners easier and more comfortable for the user. The rider of an e-Trike doesn't have to worry about falling off because the vehicle's front can tilt while the back wheels remain planted securely on the ground.


Like on a bicycle, the user can lean into the turn, but this time without endangering themselves. When negotiating corners, the back wheels of some e-trikes can lift, resulting in a tip-over.


How MAXFOOT e-Trike different from maintaining a regular pedal bike?

The MAXFOOT e-Trike needs very little maintenance compared to a standard pedal cycle. Your e-Trike and its parts will last the longest if you keep them clean, frequently oil the chain, examine, refill the tire pressure and keep the entire machine in good condition.


We suggest you get your e-Trike fixed every three months or whenever you notice something wrong.


What is a Pedal Assistance?

Pedal assistance, or PAS, is available on electric bicycles and tricycles that utilize a motor to reduce the rider's effort while pedalling. The motor can provide different levels of pedal that help across three different settings.


The MODE option lets you choose between low, medium, and high volume levels. Simply press and hold the button until you reach the stage you want. Thanks to a rotation sensor, the motor will be started whenever the pedals are turned.


How frequently should the battery be charged?

Ensure that the battery is always charged and available for use. It is recommended that it be recharged after each use. Your e-Trike's battery doesn't have to be dead to take charge. The e-Trike is easy to charge: Put the lights out and lock the door. Then plug it into a standard electrical outlet at home. You can also attach it to a standard household outlet in place of the battery.


How to fix a tire puncture on an electric trike?

Your e-Trike's tire can be fixed with a standard puncture repair tool like a bicycle tire. Because there are no electrical parts in the back wheels, fixing a puncture involves removing and replacing one of the wheels with a new one. Turn off and unplug the unit before removing the front tire of your e-Trike, as it contains electronic components.


Each MAXFOOT e-Trike comes with an instruction manual that goes into greater depth.


Can I keep fit with the MAXFOOT e-Trike by using it like a regular trike?

Yes, the MAXFOOT e-Trike has a mode called "No Assistance" that works like a regular pedal bike. Don't press the start button to use this mode before you ride your e-Trike. This mode is helpful if you want to use your trike to get some exercise. When you feel like you've worked out enough or come to a hill that's too hard to climb, you can press a button to get help with the pedals. To turn it on again, press the power button.


How can I use the throttle on the MAXFOOT e-Trike?

Like a motorcycle or scooter, an electric tricycle has a "throttle mode" that activates the engine and allows the rider to go forward without pedalling. A light touch on the throttle control will apply a moderate power level, and further rotation will apply the motor's full power.


What is the average speed of electric trikes?

An electronic tricycle can travel up to 20 miles per hour. However, the specifics can change based on the model and make you go with it. You may be shocked that the rider's weight impacts the bike's top speed. Checking out MAXFOOT's selection will help you pick the ideal electric tricycle.


When compared to light riders, heavy ones can travel at a quicker speed. It's important to remember that many variables affect how quickly an electronic tricycle travels. Consider the motor's output in addition to the passengers' combined mass. Furthermore, it is conditional on the type of terrain over which your cycle is travelling. The top pace of most electric tricycles is 20 miles per hour. However, there may be more efficient and faster versions out there.


Does MAXFOOT MF-30 use for cargo?

Yes. MF-30 is ideal as an electric cargo trike. It can be used by families who frequently travel by bicycle, wish to use cars as little as possible, and want to transport children. Cargo bikes, like most child seats or trailers, can be used for babies. This investment is worth several years.

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