Electric Bike Tire Guide: How to Choose the Right Tire for Your Needs

Electric Bike Tire Guide: How to Choose the Right Tire for Your Needs

Tires play a crucial role in defining your riding experience. As the sole point of contact between your e-bike and the road, they significantly influence whether your journey is smooth or jarring. With the diversity in electric bikes, ranging from urban-friendly commuters to rugged mountain variants, there’s an equally varied spectrum of tires.


In this tire guide, we aim to guide you through all the available tire sizes, widths, and types. So, that you’re aware of all choices to make before buying.  



Electric Bike Wheel Sizes


The first thing we notice when we look at the tire is size; in technical terms, it’s the diameter of the tire, often listed in inches, centimeters, or millimeters. Based on size, we see a wide range of tires in the market:


16-inch Ebike Tires

These tires are often seen on folding bikes as they are designed for lightness and portability. However, their small size might be slightly less comfortable on rough terrain. Similarly, they have more sensitive steering due to their small turning radius.


20-inch Ebike Tires

Commonly found on both folding and BMX bikes, these wheels offer better agility and can handle uneven surfaces with more ease than 16-inch tires. But, they’re still more affected by obstacles like rocks compared to larger sizes. Some e-bikes with these wheels, like the Maxfoot MF-19, use wider tires for better performance.


26-inch Ebike Tires

These wheels are known for their broad and sturdy design. They are great for various terrains, providing a smoother ride due to their ability to better handle obstacles. This size is common in mountain bikes and some beach cruisers.


27.5-inch Ebike Tires

Also known as 650b, these are a newer standard, especially on performance e-bikes. They're found on mountain bikes, beach cruisers, commuters, and gravel e-bikes, offering a good balance between agility and comfort.


29-inch Ebike Tires

These are the largest standard for mountain bikes, suitable for off-road trails. They offer great stability and comfort at higher speeds and on rougher terrains. Despite their size, they can be less maneuverable and less efficient in power transfer compared to smaller wheels. They’re also found on some commuters and gravel e-bikes.


700C Ebike Tires

This is from the centimeters lineup; 700C means 700cm.  The 700C size is the go-to standard for electric road bikes. It is also common on touring and gravel e-bikes. Interestingly, 29" and 700c tires share the same diameter but are differentiated by width.



Electric Bike Tire Thickness (Wide and Thin Tires)


Bike tires also vary based on side thickness; there are fat tires and thin tires.


Wide (Fat) Tires

Wide tires (fat tires) are usually 4-inch wides. They work well at low pressure and offer more traction and puncture protection. They suit various terrains like roads, gravel, beaches, and snow, and are common on mountain bikes and some road bikes.

These tires provide good stability and can absorb bumps, but they might slow down the bike due to extra weight and higher rolling resistance.


Thin Tires

Thin tires are lighter than wide tires (usually 1.75 to 2 inches wide) because they use less rubber. This makes them efficient and easier to handle. They are best for smooth roads. With higher pressure and lower rolling resistance, they are faster and more agile than wide tires.

However, they offer less puncture protection and are not as strong as wide tires. Thin tires are a good choice for those who need speed and efficiency, especially on paved roads.



Ebike Tire Types


Now, we have the tire types based on the type of ebikes they’re installed. This section will focus on both the size and dimension of tires.


Comfort Tires

With a balloon-style profile that has a high air volume, comfortable tires provide a comfortable ride by absorbing bumps and cracks in the road. Their tread is mostly smooth with grooving for water drainage. Features like reflective sidewalls for nighttime visibility and built-in puncture resistance add to their practicality.


Road Tires

Road bike tires are built for performance with a narrow profile and smooth tread, offering fast and efficient rides. They are not the most comfortable, but wider versions are available for a better ride. Ensure your eBike has enough clearance if opting for wider road tires.


Gravel Tires

Gravel tires mix elements of road bike tires with a knobby or file tread pattern for extra grip on gravel or dirt roads. These tires provide efficient off-road performance and moderate traction. They come in various widths, with some offering higher air volume for comfort. Check your bike’s clearance for fitting wider tires.


Studded Tires

Studded tires are designed for snowy and icy conditions; they feature small metal studs in the knobs for additional traction. These are suitable for riders looking to venture out in winter conditions, providing the necessary grip for slick surfaces.


Mountain Bike Tires

Ideal for dirt roads and trails, mountain bike tires range from aggressive full-knobby styles to semi-slick treads with knobs on the sides. They are available in a wide range of widths. The wider tires offer improved traction and allow lower pressure to absorb rough terrain.



How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Ebike?


Now, the final part; choosing the right tires for your bike. Here are a few tips to select that:


Consider Your Riding Terrain

Are you mostly riding on smooth city streets or rugged mountain trails? For city rides, thinner, smoother tires work well. For rough terrains, go for wider tires with more tread.


Tire Size Matters

Make sure the tire size matches your ebike. Larger tires (26-inch, 29-inch) offer more comfort and stability, especially on uneven surfaces. Smaller tires (20-inch) are more about maneuverability and portability.


Puncture Resistance

If you're riding in areas with thorns, glass, or sharp rocks, consider tires with puncture-resistant features to avoid frequent flats.


Reflective Sidewalls for Safety

If you ride often in low-light conditions, tires with reflective sidewalls can enhance your visibility to others.


Seasonal Considerations

In winter or snowy areas, studded tires can provide extra traction. In summer, you might prefer lighter, smoother tires.


Check Compatibility with Your Ebike

Ensure the tires you choose are compatible with your bike’s fork and frame, especially if you're considering wider or non-standard sizes.



Tires Installed in Maxfoot Bikes


At Maxfoot, our commitment is to provide top-quality cruiser foldable and cargo trikes, crafted for both versatility and resilience. We ensure each of our ebikes is equipped with superior all-terrain tires, sourced from the best manufacturers. Opting for wide and predominantly large-size 26-inch tires, we prioritize your comfort and stability, whatever the journey.


Maxfoot Models

Bike Type

Tire Dimensions



26" x 4.0"



26" x 4.0"



20" x 4.0"


Cargo Trike

24" x 4.0" (Front)

20" x 4.0" (Rear)


With a Maxfoot ebike, you gain peace of mind and a promise of a smooth, enjoyable ride. Ready to elevate your riding experience? Get your Maxfoot ebike today and start enjoying rides that are as comfortable as they are dependable.

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