Conversation with Designer: Why Step-Thru is the Greatest Bike Model

Conversation with Designer: Why Step-Thru is the Greatest Bike Model

Today, I'm going to explain why step-through electric bicycles are the superior form of e-bike. Stay connected with us at MaxFoot to be the first to know about all our latest content, giveaways, and product releases.

If you're currently in the market for an e-bike and unsure of what you want, let me convince you that step-through e-bikes are the way to go. At MaxFoot, we sell and cover all types of electric bicycles, and our MF-17 model includes a step-through design with the lowest step-through height of any e-bike.

You can see just how easy and secure it is to get on and off. In my opinion, step-through e-bikes are the safest and best type of e-bike because they allow people to mount and dismount quickly and easily.

We've also implemented an interesting design feature that you can see in our lowered step-over tube below the crank, reducing the step-over height even further. This makes getting on and off extremely effortless.

On a standard bike, you can't pull your leg out if there's a tube there. With the step-through design, you can easily get out of there in a worst-case scenario and get on and off quickly and easily.

This feature alone can attract many more people to e-bikes as it makes getting on and off a breeze. Plus, our straightforward step-through design is the simplest on the market, and you can find instructional videos on YouTube that show just how low the height is.

I believe that step-through e-bikes and the step-through design, in general, are the best choice. Even for those with physical impairments or who have undergone knee or hip surgery, the height is not significantly higher than standard. It's the lowest height at which you could elevate a foot to mount or dismount an e-bike.

Thank you for listening, and remember, it's your journey and your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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