The Best Rear Drive Electric Trikes in 2024

The Best Rear Drive Electric Trikes in 2024

Electric bikes are a fun choice for those who love cycling and younger adventurers. But what about adults and seniors? That’s where electric trikes come in. They are the three-wheelers that offer more stability and are much easier to handle than regular bikes.


As electric trikes have grown in popularity, they have evolved too. The rear-wheel drive trikes are the newest trend, which provide an even better adventure.


In this article, we are going to show you some of the best rear drive electric trikes available in the market.


What is the best Rear Drive Electric Trike?


Most electric trikes used to have their motors on the front wheel, just like bikes. It was easier to put them there due to the design simplicity and assembly. But, this setup wasn't great, especially when going uphill. The motor had to pull the whole trike, which is tough for just one wheel, and sometimes the front wheel would slip.



So, manufacturers switched things up and moved the motor to the back, right between the rear wheels. This change made a big difference. Now, the trike gets pushed forward from the back, which feels more natural and makes climbing hills easier. Plus, with the motor at the back, you can add different types of front suspensions.


Rear hub electric trikes are gaining popularity and we see some competition in the market. Currently, Maxfoot MF-30 ver 2024 is the best rear drive electric on the market. It shines with its 750W hub, which is placed on the axle between the rear wheels for a safe and stable ride. It’s battery also got a recent upgrade; it comes with a UL 2271 certified 48V 20AH battery that promises a range of up to 80 miles. MF-30 is a perfect blend of power and performance.


Maxfoot MF-30 vs Lectric XP Trike vs AddMotor M360


Apart from Maxfoot MF-30, Lectric XP Trike and AddMotor M360 are also great electric trikes with a rear hub motor. One lies in the cheaper segment while the other one is on the expensive side.


Instead of describing each one individually, we thought it would be easier for you to select a trike in a comparative review.



Basic Specifications


The first major difference is in the power capabilities. Both MF-30 and M360 have a 750W motor which provides a torque of 85Nm. It’s quite sufficient for moving past rough terrain, and ascending hills. Lectric XP Trike lags behind with a 500W motor, which is also decent, considering its low price tag.



Maxfoot MF-30

Lectric XP Trike

AddMotor M360










85+ miles

60 miles

85+ miles

Top speed



25 mph


350 + 100 lbs.


380 lbs.



Trike's main highlight is its storage space. MF-30 shines with ample storage of 450 lbs. There’s also an additional 48L waterproof storage bag that comes free with the trike. AddMotor M360 also offers a weight-bearing capacity of 380 lbs; that’s also enough for most needs. However, the Lectric is silent about its trike’s payload capacity.  



Key Components


The electric trikes also differ in the functional and suspension components, especially in suspension, tires, and braking systems.



Maxfoot MF-30

Lectric XP Trike

AddMotor M360


UL Certified 48V 20Ah

48V 14Ah

48V 20AH


50mm Max Travel

Rigid Fork

50mm front travel


Front 24 x 4"

Rear 20 x 4"

20 x 2.6 "

20 x 4”


Shimano 7 Speed

Single Speed Drivetrain

Shimano Altus M310


Dual Disc Brake

Hydraulic Brakes

Tektro Disc Brakes


Both Maxfoot MF-30 and AddMotor M360 have quite large batteries, which provide a decent range of over 85 miles. Electric Trike again falls in the battery department with a 48V 14Ah battery.


2020 AddMotoR M-360 Review


In terms of suspension, MF-30 and M360, both have front-travel hydraulic suspension. Lectric XP Trike only has a fixed rigid fork.  The derailleur is also similar in both bikes. But, the Lectric trike comes with a single-speed drivetrain which is simpler to maintain but is inefficient compared to multiple-speed derailleur.    


Lectric XP Trike first ride: Testing the best bang for your buck e-trike


Tires also differ. Maxfoot MF-30 has large (24-inch) and fat 4-inch tires that work well on all types of terrain. M360 also has fat tires but they are moderately sized. Lectric XP Trike has thin-sized tires, which only work well on paved roads.





In terms of pricing, there’s a huge gap between all three. We need to see which one offers the best value for money.



Maxfoot MF-30

Lectric XP Trike

AddMotor M360







1-year warranty

1-year warranty


Lectric XP trike is the least-priced, but we see a lot of comprises on the features particularly motor power, battery, tires, and suspension. AddMotor has similar features to MF-30, but it seems overpriced.   



How to Select a Rear Drive Electric Trike?


When selecting a rear driver electric trike, other than motor position, you need to look at other features as well. For instance, consider battery size, suspension system, tire size, and braking system. Look for one that offers a larger battery, has a hydraulic front suspension, and fat tires.


Other than that, make sure to check user reviews. You can also check out the video reviews to explore the detailed features of bikes.





We have seen some of the best electric trikes with rear hub motors.  Lectric Trike is a low-priced trike but with limited features. AddMotor M360 and MF-30 share pretty similar features. Both have larger batteries, powerful motors, and hydraulic suspension.


However, the M360 is highly priced while the MF-30 offers the same features at an affordable price. If you’re to choose one trike, we would recommend Maxfoot MF-30.

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