From A to Z Ebike Comparison: Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Shengmilo-MX01

From A to Z Ebike Comparison: Maxfoot MF-19 vs. Shengmilo-MX01

Get ready to buzz with anticipation as electric bikes zoom onto the scene as an eco-friendlier alternative to conventional bikes and vehicles. The battery, a crucial component of an e-bike, significantly influences its overall operations.


Join us for a detailed exploration of the battery performance of two e-bikes in the industry - the Maxfoot MF-19 and the Shengmilo-MX01. We're going to delve into all aspects like battery capacity, range, recharge duration, and lifespan, with the goal of providing you with a thorough grasp of these e-bikes' robust performances.


Prepare yourself for an electrifying adventure that is guaranteed to offer an exciting and intense experience!



Battery Capacity


The capacity for energy storage of an electric bicycle is determined by the size of its battery. The Maxfoot MF-19, which is equipped with a Samsung 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery, showcases an overall power capacity of 672Wh. On the flip side, the Shengmilo-MX01, powered by a 48V 12.8Ah lithium-ion battery, has a total power capacity of 614.4Wh. The noticeable variance in energy storage capabilities implies that the Maxfoot MF-19 might possess a potential advantage when it comes to providing enduring power output.





The extent to which an electric bicycle can journey on just one charge is referred to as its range. The Maxfoot MF-19 is notably remarkable, demonstrating an impressive potential to travel up to 60 miles (equivalent to 96 kilometers) when conditions are most favorable. Conversely, the Shengmilo-MX01 offers a more modest range, approximating around 40 miles (or 64 kilometers) on a single charge. When comparing the battery life in relation to range, the Maxfoot MF-19 clearly surpasses the Shengmilo-MX01. This makes the Maxfoot MF-19 a more advantageous option for those who need to travel further distances, whether it's for daily commuting or exploratory excursions.



Charging Time


The significance of effective charging cannot be understated, as it plays a pivotal role in reducing idle time and guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted journey. The Maxfoot MF-19's battery can be fully charged in approximately 5-6 hours, allowing riders to quickly replenish their energy and get back on the road. The Shengmilo-MX01 requires a similar charging time, providing users with comparable convenience. Both e-bikes offer reasonable charging times, allowing riders to plan their activities accordingly.





The longevity and overall performance of an electric bike heavily rely on the resilience of the battery, making it a crucial aspect to bear in mind. The Maxfoot MF-19, for instance, is equipped with a top-tier lithium-ion battery, acknowledged for its durability and dependability. To further enhance its safety, Maxfoot incorporates state-of-the-art battery management systems to protect the battery from instances such as overcharging and other potential hazards. The Shengmilo-MX01, on the other hand, also employs a trustworthy lithium-ion battery, although explicit information regarding its management system remains undisclosed. However, based on the information at hand, the Maxfoot MF-19 seems to provide superior durability features and safeguards for its battery, in comparison.



Battery Life


The term 'battery life' corresponds to the amount of charge cycles a battery can sustain before a notable decrease in its capacity occurs. The battery of the Maxfoot MF-19 is projected to last for about 800 charge cycles. Given that the average usage per day is 20 miles, this approximates to about 40,000 miles (64,000 km) before the battery may begin to show significant signs of performance decline. As for the Shengmilo-MX01, the manufacturer has not expressly given information concerning the battery life. Nonetheless, since both e-bikes operate on lithium-ion batteries, it's plausible to expect a comparable lifespan. 


The performance of a motor directly influences the lifespan of an e-bike's battery. The Maxfoot MF-19, with its superior Bafang 1000W motor, utilizes the battery's power optimally, thereby extending the battery's longevity. In contrast, the Shengmilo-MX01, while still offering a reasonable battery duration, falls a bit short when compared to the MF-19, owing to minor inefficiencies in its motor. 



Power Output


The Maxfoot MF-19 and Shengmilo-MX01 both come equipped with robust 1000W motors, providing significant power for thrilling journeys. Their high-power yields enable swift acceleration and the capacity to easily attain higher velocity. Nevertheless, the Maxfoot MF-19 demonstrates advanced power control and reactivity, distinguishing it in the area of power production. The efficient power transfer of the Maxfoot MF-19 guarantees an exciting ride experience, making it an appropriate selection for riders who value speed and lively performance.





The significance of an electric bike in handling steep inclines and challenging terrains is particularly determined by the power of its torque. The Maxfoot MF-19, powered by a Bafang 1000W motor, boasts an impressive 90 N.M. torque capacity, enabling smooth and effortless ascents on steep hills and consistent speed on uneven landscapes. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01, equipped with a Brushless Motor, also showcases a respectable torque of 95N.M. Although the torque of the Maxfoot MF-19 is slightly lower than that of the Shengmilo-MX01, the Bafang 1000W motor compensates for this, resulting in superior hill-climbing abilities and improved overall performance. This makes it the preferred choice for riders frequently traversing hilly terrains.





Because it has such a direct bearing on both the lifespan of the battery and the distance that can be travelled, the significance of efficiency cannot be emphasized. The Maxfoot MF-19 and Shengmilo-MX01 both utilize 1000W refined motor technology to enhance efficiency. Nevertheless, the intelligent power management system and the optimized design of the Maxfoot MF-19 1000-Watt motor set it apart. This efficiency superiority enables the Maxfoot MF-19 to deliver a longer-lasting battery and an elongated travel span, offering riders a dependable and unbroken riding adventure. 





The Bafang 1000W motor of the Maxfoot MF-19 provides outstanding speed pick-up due to its enhanced power generation and reactivity. Cyclists can enjoy rapid and seamless speed increases from a stationary position, facilitating effortless blending into traffic and prompt navigation when necessary. Although the Shengmilo-MX01 1000W motor also provides adequate speed pick-up, it may reach a different extent of reactivity and dynamic capability than the Maxfoot MF-19. 



Front vs. Six-Bar Linkage Rear Suspension


The Maxfoot MF-19 stands out with its advanced six-bar linkage rear suspension system, which significantly boosts stability, control, and shock absorption - making it an ideal selection for navigating various landscapes. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01, with its exclusive reliance on a front suspension, may have its proficiency in dealing with rough terrains and inconsistent trails put to the test.



Fine-Tuned Damping for Enhanced Performance


The Maxfoot MF-19 utilizes top-tier shock absorption systems like air or oil shocks, enabling excellent regulation of suspension activity. This leads to improved management of vibrations and jolts, boosting total performance and the quality of the ride. While the Shengmilo-MX01's shock absorption may meet the needs of occasional riders, the advanced shock absorption system of the Maxfoot MF-19 distinguishes it for its accuracy and comfort. 



Versatility through Adjustable Settings


The Maxfoot MF-19 provides comprehensive customization through its six-bar linkage rear suspension system's preload, compression, and rebound adjustments. This feature equips riders with the power to optimize their suspension system to align with their preferred riding style and different landscape conditions. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01 offers minimal to no customization, restricting riders' capacity to adapt their ride experience to their individual requirements.



Frame Design for Optimal Integration


The Maxfoot MF-19 proudly features a frame that is meticulously designed to suit its six-bar linkage rear suspension system's arrangement. This flawless combination guarantees that the suspension system operates in sync with the complete frame structure, thereby boosting stability, manoeuvrability, and rider command. On the other hand, the front-only suspension layout of the Shengmilo-MX01 could lead to unstable performance, particularly when dealing with challenging terrains.



Front Suspension Limitations and Handling Trade-offs


The Shengmilo-MX01, which only features a front suspension, could encounter handling and control issues, particularly on more challenging terrains. The absence of a rear suspension could lead to an uneven weight distribution, thereby diminishing stability and precision in steering. It might also struggle to absorb significant shocks and hurdles, possibly leading to a rougher and less-managed ride. For riders aiming for the best handling and control, the Maxfoot MF-19's six-bar linkage rear suspension design may be a more advantageous option. 



Potential Energy Loss with Front Suspension Only


The front suspension structure of the Shengmilo-MX01 could potentially lead to energy dissipation while cycling. The compression and recovery of the front suspension may absorb a part of the cyclist's pedalling energy instead of directly channelling it to the rear wheel. This depletion of energy may impinge on the overall efficiency of pedalling and lead to a less optimal cycling experience, especially on smooth terrains or during continuous pedalling endeavours. The Maxfoot MF-19's dynamic six-bar linkage suspension system boasts an advantage when it comes to the efficiency of energy transmission.



Tire Quality


When assessing electric bikes, it's crucial to take into account the quality of the tires. Both the Maxfoot MF-19 and the Shengmilo-MX01 take pride in their superior tire quality. The Maxfoot MF-19 distinguishes itself by incorporating top-tier tire materials like high-density rubber compounds coupled with innovative production methods. This combination leads to a boost in the tire quality, which in turn augments durability, lifespan, and overall performance. However, while the tires of the Shengmilo-MX01 are commendable, they may not reach the same standard of sophistication that the Maxfoot MF-19 exhibits.





When navigating diverse landscapes on electric bikes, the strength of the tires is paramount. The Maxfoot MF-19's tires stand out for their durability due to their fortified sidewalls and construction that resists punctures. These sidewalls are specifically designed to endure the harsh conditions of off-road cycling, providing enhanced protection against shocks and wear and tear. In addition, the Maxfoot MF-19's tires demonstrate superior puncture resistance, minimizing the chances of unexpected tire deflation during journeys. Although the Shengmilo-MX01 tires offer a decent level of durability, they might not match the robustness exhibited by the Maxfoot MF-19.



Tread Pattern


The traction and performance on various terrains are largely influenced by the tread pattern. The Maxfoot MF-19 is equipped with a versatile tread pattern that integrates diverse design components to maximize performance. Because of the tire's forceful and multi-directional tread pattern, it has improved grip and stability, making it suitable for use in both on-road and off-road environments. The deep tread channels effectively clear water, mud, and other obstructions, ensuring outstanding traction even in unfavorable weather conditions. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01's tires employ a less assertive tread pattern, primarily designed for city rides. Although this tread design is sufficient for regular urban settings, it could restrict the Shengmilo-MX01's performance on demanding terrains.





The attribute of grip is fundamental when assessing tire functionality, especially in conditions like wet or slippery surfaces. The tires of Maxfoot MF-19 demonstrate excellent adherence due to their top-notch rubber compound and refined tread configuration. This amalgamation of high-end materials and tread layout enables the tires to sustain the best contact with the road or trail, bolstering secure maneuvering and amplified safety. Regardless of riding on damp asphalt or unsteady gravel, the Maxfoot MF-19 empowers riders with the assurance to navigate diverse terrains and climatic conditions. However, Shengmilo-MX01's tires, while providing adequate grip on standard roads, might not exhibit the same degree of traction and steadiness as the Maxfoot MF-19 in challenging terrains.



Performance in Different Terrains and Weather Conditions


The Maxfoot MF-19, fitted with sturdy tires, delivers an impressive performance on a variety of surfaces. Whether riding on slick city roads, rocky paths, or adventurous off-road tracks, its tires provide exceptional grip, balance, and shock absorption. The tires of the Maxfoot MF-19 are particularly good at navigating tough terrains, thanks to their fortified sidewalls and puncture-proof design. Additionally, in wet or slippery circumstances, the tires of the Maxfoot MF-19 retain their extraordinary grip, ensuring the rider's security even in difficult weather. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01's tires might have a hard time dealing with tough terrains and unfavorable weather due to their less assertive tread design and restricted grip.



Battery Capacity: Powering Your Journey


The power potential of an e-bike is directly tied to its battery ability. The Maxfoot MF-19 is power-packed with a high-capacity Samsung 48V/14Ah lithium-ion battery. In contrast, the Shengmilo-MX01 comes with a slightly less potent battery, boasting a capacity of 48V/12.8Ah. With its larger battery, this means the Maxfoot MF-19 takes the lead with long-range when it comes to journey distance.



Motor Power: Unleashing Performance


The two e-bikes under review are powered by impressive 1000-watt motors, ensuring dynamic propulsion and enhanced speed. However, the Maxfoot MF-19 stands out with its bafang geared hub motor renowned for energy efficiency, providing an extended travel distance and long range compared to the Shengmilo-MX01 e-bike. These models come fitted with robust motors, promising an exhilarating ride even in challenging landscapes and hilly areas. Remember, the total power consumed by the motor significantly impacts the e-bike's travel range.



Terrain and Riding Conditions: Versatility Matters


The range of an electric bike can travel is considerably affected by the landscape and conditions of the ride. The Maxfoot MF-19 and the Shengmilo-MX01 are both crafted for multifaceted use, encompassing city travel and off-road excursions. Nevertheless, the Maxfoot MF-19 boasts sturdy features that perform exceptionally across different terrains, including slopes and uneven surfaces. Additionally, its top-notch shock absorption and steadiness aid in preserving a steady power output and overall efficiency in range.



Pedal Assist and Throttle Modes: Tailoring Your Ride


In order to provide riders, the freedom to choose their preferred propulsion style, both e-bikes offer choices for pedal assist and throttle modes. The Maxfoot MF-19 enhances customization significantly, offering five distinct levels of pedal assist. This flexibility lets riders choose the suitable level of exertion and power preservation, depending on their requirements and the riding conditions. Conversely, the Shengmilo-MX01 provides three levels of pedal assist, which narrows the selection choices in comparison to the Maxfoot MF-19. The wider range of pedal assist levels offered by the Maxfoot MF-19 ensures a more adjustable and personalized riding experience, further maximizing the potential range.



Efficiency and Power Management: Maximizing Every Watt


Evaluating the range of an e-bike is fundamentally linked to its efficiency. The Maxfoot MF-19 utilizes cutting-edge energy management technologies like regenerative braking and intelligent motor control to ensure optimal power usage. These attributes help to increase the overall distance by capturing and using energy that generally goes to waste during the braking and deceleration phases. On the other hand, the Shengmilo-MX01 does not have similar energy management capabilities, potentially leading to a drop in efficiency and a shorter range.






The electrifying showdown between the Maxfoot MF-19 and the Shengmilo-MX01 electric bikes has concluded! After an in-depth examination of their battery performance, the Maxfoot MF-19 takes the crown in multiple crucial areas. It boasts a beefier battery capacity, an impressive range, and a charging time. This superior battery performance makes the Maxfoot MF-19 a thrilling proposition. What's more, its dedication to battery longevity and protection underlines its status as the top pick for those in pursuit of a dependable folding e-bike. The Maxfoot MF-19 is truly electrifying in its performance!

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