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Maxfoot MF-19 500P Electric Bike, an affordable premium electric bicycle that’s packed with quality, your ultimate companion as you embark on your journeys. Skip the traffic jams, cut the crowded public transportation clusters, reject any limitations - just go places as you wish.

Integral Wheel Full Suspension Folding Electric Bike Maxfoot MF-19

As a folding E-bike, MF-19 has a simple and secure folding mechanism. You can easily fold the MF-19 in 10 seconds and place it anywhere, such as the trunk, office, apartment, etc. Whether it's commuting or traveling, it must be your best choice.

MF-19 has the most streamlined design on the market. The Leopard-like frame design is the top in terms of practicality and ornamentally. Among them, the design of MF-19 P series model has exclusive appearance patents in the United States and Europe, which is a unique design on the market.
The large-capacity battery from Samsung / Panasonic provides strong energy support for the MF-19's riding range. With PAS system, the riding range can even reach an amazing 45 miles. You just have to ride and don’t need to worry about battery range.
With 500W at your disposal, this XOFO Integrated Wheel Motor is what is going to help power you up steep inclines and get you up to top speed quickly from a dead stop, all while remaining quiet and inconspicuous. 

The powerful six-bar linkage rear suspension is a unique technology of Maxfoot. With the use of the six-bar linkage rear suspension and the front fork suspension, you will only feel extremely comfortable when riding. Because the MF-19 P series with six-link rear suspension is a true soft-tail electric bicycle. Conquering all kinds of terrain is no problem for it.




Hub Motor


Panasonic 48V 10.4AH Lithium Battery

500W XOFO Integrated Wheel Motor

Variable Speed Control - 1/2 Twist Throttle





Integrated Wiring

Maxfoot 5 Inch LCD Display With USB Port

Maxfoot 22A Overall Waterproof Controller

Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness






Rear Suspension

Brake Lever

6061 Aluminium-Alloy Frame

Six-Bar Linkage Rear Suspension

Tektro Mechanical EL555-RT/EL550-RS



Chain Puller

Tektro 180mm F/R Alloy Disc Brake

DURABLE 20" x 4.0" Tire

Shimano M-310 derailleur & 7 Speeds gear 





Charging Time



5-6 Hours

66 lbs / 75 lbs

45-45 Miles with PAS 1

Max. Load Capacity

Battery Life


300 lbs

Rated For 800 Charge Cycles


Appropriate Height




Key Features

Six-Bar Linkage Rear Suspension
Shimano 7-Speed Freewheel
Integrated Brake Light
Maxfoot exclusive design -The second generation of full suspension system! Six-bar linkage rear suspension, horizontal and vertical suspension movement, making MF-19 a true soft-tail electric bicycle. A wider range of gearing at your disposal means more torque for treacherous uphill climbs and maintain pedal authority at top speed. Conquer various terrains easily. Powered by the main battery pack and features highlight brake light functionality that will be activated any time the brakes are applied.

Maxfoot 5 Inch LCD Display One-Click Folding Hinge Hidden battery
Maxfoot LCD display shows very clear, and the parameters are complete. You can clearly check the status of the bicycle even when riding in the hot sun. At the same time, it comes with a USB port. You can charge your mobile device through the display when you need. The folding Hinge simplifies the unlocking mechanism as much as possible while preventing accidental unlocking and ensuring safety. It is solid and secure after locking, and very simple when you need to unlock it. The unique design hides the battery in the frame, which can protect the battery from water and dust and other factors to a greater extent. There is no need to remove the battery when charging, you can charge the battery through the reserved place on the frame.


*Note: If you order any one of MF-19 series, we will give you the fenders for free.

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