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MaxFoot Electric Bike

MF-17 500W Step-thru Fat Electric Bike Beach Cruiser

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Maxfoot MF-17 is Maxfoot's first step-thru electric bicycle. As a step-thru electric bicycle, MF-17 was designed with most of the riders in mind. The low-profile frame design allows most people to ride the MF-17 easily, and It is convenient to get on and off the bicycle. In terms of performance, the motor of MF-17 is a Maxfoot 500W motor, which can output at least 650W of power.  LED display means one-click on and one-click off, with additional buttons for lights and pedal assistance, and LEDs to indicate battery and assist levels. All in all, the MF-17 series is our cost-effective model for most cyclists. With the same configuration, the price of the MF-17 series must be affordable. We welcome comparisons.




Hidden wiring
The wiring of MF-17 is hidden wiring, hidden in the frame with a unique
design. Make the overall appearance of the vehicle even more beautiful. At the
same time, hidden wiring also greatly reduces the exposure of the wires and
prevents the wires from being damaged due to external factors.


Suspension Front Fork
We developed and produced Maxfoot suspension forks in cooperation with well-
known manufacturers. While ensuring beautiful design, we pay more attention to the rider's experience. The long-distance suspension stroke allows the MF-17 
to filter out most of the bumps, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for the rider. Therefore, with the Maxfoot suspension fork, the MF-17 can conquer many terrains.


Thoughtful Big Curved Handlebar
Curved Handlebar aluminum handlebars allow adjustment to support various arm lengths and a more laid back riding position. During riding, the curved handlebar allows the rider to ride in a comfortable position. you will not feel uncomfortable because of the sitting position even when traveling long distances.


Thick Padded Saddle, Designed For Comfort
Adjustable thick Padded Saddle can greatly alleviate your discomfort caused by
a long journey and all-round buffering allows you to feel what is the
comfortable riding. You can adjust it according to the height. Appropriate
height for this bike is 5'2''-6'2''.


Integrated Brake Light
Powered by the main battery pack and features highlight brake light
functionality that will be activated any time the brakes are applied. Let the
vehicles and bicycles behind know your existence and provide an extra
guarantee for your safe riding.


LED Control Panel
A simplified LED control panel means headlight and power can be one click on
and one-click off, with additional buttons for pedal assistance, and LEDs to
indicate battery and assist levels.


The motor of MF-17 is Maxfoot motor developed by Maxfoot and a well-known manufacturer. While guaranteeing the quality of the motor, it also improves the performance of the motor. At a rated power of 500W, the Maxfoot motor can output at least 650W of power. There will be no security risks due to its high performance. In order to ensure the long-range of the MF-17, Maxfoot teamed up with well-known manufacturers to develop a 13Ah Maxfoot large-capacity battery. As the energy support of MF-17, we attach great importance to its quality. We need to ensure that it does not have any safety risks while providing energy. Therefore, the Maxfoot battery is a very successful battery.




Hub Motor


Maxfoot 13Ah Lithium Battery

Maxfoot Motor >650W (Rated Power: 500W)

Variable Speed Control - 1/2 Twist Throttle





Integrated Wiring

Maxfoot LED Control Panel

Maxfoot 20A Overall Waterproof Controller

Water-Resistant Connectors and Wiring Harness




Head&Rear&Brake Light



Integrated Head/Brake Light

50 N.m







Chain Puller

Front Fork

6061 Aluminium-Alloy Frame

Shimano M-310 derailleur & 7 Speeds gear 

80-100mm Of Travel, Adjustment, And Lockout



180mm/180mm Alloy Disc Brake

DURABLE 26" x 4.0" Tire





Charging Time



4-5 Hours

70 lbs / 82 lbs

45-55 Miles with PAS 1

Max. Load Capacity

Battery Life


300 lbs

Rated For 800 Charge Cycles


Appropriate Height