MaxFoot Electric Bike

Customer Reviews

Not so good!

The bike looked well built and wasn't hard to put together. Fun to ride when it works, 34 miles on it and the electric part quit working! Still can use my peddles, but my legs are weak, that's why I bought a e bike. Haven't had any luck with support. Can't find parts list. Lots of money for nothing!!
Dennis Wheaton

Love my blue bike

I really enjoy this bike. I feel safe and it’s the perfect size for me. My husband bought himself a bike but it was so big, and when you put his in assist it just takes off I felt unsafe on his. I just wish I could figure out how to turn the headlight on.
Kellie Kinnane

Love The Bike...But They Need Better Instructions

This bike is fantastic but I would highly recommend that the instructive videos and the written instructions get updated. Also, instructions for how to use features on this bike should be have to find how to turn the light on from blogging the issue. Love the bike!
Greg Krape

Overall happy

The bike is mostly great, I like the solid build and feel of the bike. Has good torque and off the line power, but so so wish it was faster!! I ride on the street and not a path, it would be nice to go with the flow of traffic. If would be a amazing bike if it went 28mph like our other folding bike...
Joseph Pagano On Instagram

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